Easy Upgrades Sometimes Aren’t.


The Dude on the Right

I’ve got so many things I have wanted to write about.  There’s the entire
New Orleans’ thing, a rant about why Kentucky Fried Chicken sucks and it’s not
related to PETA, my picture with Johnny Cash, how proud I am of Columbus, IN.,
how I’m rooting for my Indians and torn about rooting for the White Sox, about
my Jimmy Buffett weekend (Stu might need some bigger coconuts), and just general
things.  I also intended to figure out how I could get a Podcast going for
the site.  Then I decided to try an upgrade to my blog software.

So, for the past three days, the stubborn streak in me has gotten the best of
me.  The upgrade was supposed to be easy, I even had a couple of helpful
sites to make things even easier and not mess everything up.  Then, of
course, I didn’t really listen to them, then I started searching the internet as
to why I was getting this "500" error, then I just started deleting things
willly-nilly, then things still didn’t work, then I did another internet search
for some Perl code that might actually help, then I just prayed that my
Frontpage backup had all of the files that I had since deleted and it would
upload them as instructed.  Finally, three days later, I’m back up and
running with the old version of my Blog software (thank you Frontpage), and
until I actually read somewhere, or at least one of the technical folks at my
hosting site or the blog software sight, give me some help into how to make the
upgrade work, I’m sticking with the older version that was working well enough
for me in the first place.

I kind of hate when I get in that stubborn mode, spending days on something
that really doesn’t have an answer at the moment, but alas, I do that every now
and then.  So here’s the quick update – I’m not going to really try
upgrading things until I get a firm answer so I can at least switch my focus
from computer programming to the important things, like Jimmy Buffett, NFL
football, movies, music, and what scares me even more, because it usually
becomes the "I never get anything done because of," Falll TV programming. 
Most of my favorite shows are returning, I’m sure there are some new one coming
for me to get sucked into as well, and I might have to buy a new TIVO to keep up
with it all.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!