Drowning, Natalie Portman, Inventing, and a Nephew Dilemma.


The Dude on the Right

This podcast entry is all about dilemmas.  So I’m working on getting this
podcast posted before "American Idol" starts, I get the audio portion uploaded,
and then my cell phone starts singing "Margaritaville" to me.  Since most
of my friends have their own song on my cell phone, I know it’s
As much as my podcast dilemmas are waiting for the world to hear, I now had
another one:  Do I take the call and maybe have to go back and catch up
with "American Idol" and get this posted, or Do I let the call go to voice-mail
and talk to her later?  An hour and some change later, here I am, catching
up with tonight’s "American Idol" episode, of which I see my Mom has already
e-mailed me her comments, and working now to get this podcast posted while
watching my singers try to belt out Elvis tunes.

In the end, her call led to a
larger intro paragraph rather than "I have some dilemmas with this podcast. 
Please listen and give me your opinion!", and I haven’t talked to Trash in quite
a while, so it was good to hear from her.  I just have to remind her of my
TV viewing schedule, and I still can’t believe I gave up, live, "American Idol"
for her.  Oh well.

So, this podcast has topics like my waiting for a
phone call from Natalie Portman, drowning in water, doing some inventing for a "phoner"
podcast, and most importantly, and this is where I need your help, what the hell
am I supposed to do about my nephew?  It’s a problem many Uncles might
have, but I need your advice.

Thanks for listening, and I really welcome your
advice on this matter.  It’s a matter most of us uncles have with our
nephews, and our nieces, so please, let me know what to do.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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