A Roger Waters’ Concert Review is Coming Soon, Thanks to The Mystery Dude.


The Dude on the Right

If all goes well as planned for this week, tomorrow comes another podcast, this
time a solo me o, and over the weekend, a return to the concert scene with a
review of Roger Waters as he makes his way to Illinois.  And I can’t
believe I even did a CD review yesterday, that being "Face
the Promise" from Bob Seger

My choice for seeing Roger Waters came about
in a weird way because I was torn, and still am bummed at who I am missing. I’ve
been looking to get back to concerts again after a brief return last year, and
had my sights set on this upcoming weekend.  Two acts I love were playing,
one of course being Roger
, the other being The Cathy Richardson Band, sadly on the same day. 
Stu Gotz tried to help me get through my dilemma on who to see, based simply
upon web traffic (Roger Waters), but I also had in my head the act I hadn’t seen
in a while and always enjoyed, and that was
Cathy Richardson and her
band.  But then an e-mail from staff member,
Mystery Dude
, pretty much decided it would be Mr. Waters.  He had a
quartet of tickets for the Roger Waters’ show, and was looking forward to a
little "reunion" of a group of us who went to college together, and thoroughly
enjoy Roger Waters.  So my decision was pretty much made for me, and with
one concert review, this will hopefully get my off my ass to get "The
Concert Hall
" section back up and humming again.

So my apologies to Cathy
Richardson and her band, because had it not been for a "reunion" of some of my
best friends, I would have probably headed your way.  In any case here’s
hoping seeing Roger Waters kicks me in the ass again to get back on the concert

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!