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In Our Office...
Staff Bios

The Mystery Dude

Birth Date:
A Day Like Any Other
Birth Place: A City Like Any Other.
Height: As Tall As Most.
Weight: About What You Might Think.

Musical Tastes:  Steve Kimock's projects (SKB, KVHW, Zero), Hot Tuna (Jorma Kaukonen rules!) and the good ole Grateful Dead (1973 was a banner year! Get the tapes!!). The Dead broadened my musical horizons to a wide variety of rock, jazz, and blues. (really!!) I'm always up to hear the Allman Brothers, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Who, Led Zeppelin, Traffic, and Bob Dylan. The holy trinity of English guitar gods; Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page!

Favorite movies: Slapshot, Silverado, Night Shift, Goodfellas, and Stripes.

Best Decision: Going to college and living in the right place to meet all these people.

Worst Decision: Waiting too long to get married and have kids.

Most People don't know: Pi is approximately equal to 355/113.

Never Leave Home Without: A Swiss Army knife, watch, glasses, and my wallet, although a pair of pants and shoes are a good idea too.

I'm always looking for: A Zhingwak 352 lodge flap (contact me if you want to part with yours).

Former Occupations: Programmer, Math Tutor, Maintenance man at a Bed Factory, Boy Scout camp counselor.

Jobs at Entertainment Avenue: Concert and CD reviewer. Occasional quality control inspector on web site redesigns.


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