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Bryan White
A Concert Review

October 25, 1996

The Star Plaza Theatre

Merrillville, IN

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Bryan White
Bryan White
Alright, don't get me wrong, and please don't send me hate mail because this is not meant to be a slam against this guy. It's just that the way I see it, in the various music styles and generations, there sometimes comes an artist who becomes the object of nearly every young girl's desires. Look through the years - there were the great ones like Frank Sinatra and Elvis, there were the groups like The Beatles, there were your rockers like Jon Bon Jovi and oh, well, you get the point. In country, right now, there is a man like this. His name is Bryan White.

As I waited to get my photos before the show I realized there was the potential to be trampled by a million teen-age girls at this show, and I said to myself, "Self, hold your ground, you've got a job to do!" Well, Bryan White hit the stage, my ear-plugs did absolutely nothing to stop the high-pitched screams, I shot some photos and headed for cover. Then I realized this guy wasn't just about cute looks, not about some nice radio hits, but this guy had an incredible talent.

First though, I had to cruise to the lobby where I met an usher dude named Bryant. He didn't think I'd quote him, but hell, I'll quote just about anyone. He goes to me "Neal McCoy, he's okay, and Bryan White sings okay too. Me, I prefer country over hard rock, you know, people like Randy and Wynona." Out there too was Kaytee, working as an usher. Poor girl, she was out there singing Bryan White songs but couldn't see the show. She did say "He's cute - that's all that matters," while her friend had the simple comment, "He's hot!"

Kaytee says
Kaytee says "He's cute!"
Hot or not, Bryan has a great stage personality and sings great too. His show highlighted many of the hits most people are familiar with, those songs like "Rebecca Lynn," "I'm Not Supposed to Love You Anymore," and "Someone Else's Star." But he also threw out some surprises, well at least for yours truly. It's really been a while since I've heard "Southern Nights" made famous by Glen Campbell I believe, and he does a great cover of "Stand by Me" led into by "You Are My Sunshine."

All in all, Bryan White and his cast of a band put on a really good show. Where the older ladies have Garth and George (Strait that is), the young ladies have their Bryan White (although some of the older crowd seemed to want him too!!). And you know, if Bryan keeps up with his tender ballads and some of them cool up-tempo type songs, those young ladies will probably grow old with him, singin', dancin', and still giving him roses.

For fear of my life and tons of hate mail, I have to give Bryan White TWO BIG THUMBS UP!! Actually, not really for fear of my life because I thought he put on a great show, but a bad review would have meant living in fear - the youth of today can be brutal!

Well, that's it for the one, I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!


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