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Todd Thibaud
A Concert Review

August 12, 1998

Schuba's Tavern

Chicago, IL

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
There is one thing I usually hate about going to see shows on the north side of Chicago - parking usually sucks, especially when you get off to a late start. Most of it is neighborhood parking by permit, or, just the quantity of cars in the neighborhood makes finding a parking spot after 7PM a total pain in the ass. But not this time, and I couldn't believe the spot was staring me in the face a half block from Schuba's as I made my way to catch Todd Thibaud's set this night. There it was, I slid the dude-mobile next to the curb, and took that surprisingly short stroll to the bar.

The doors to the concert stage area weren't open yet, so I grabbed a table and ordered a beer and politely waited until finally it was time to go in. Once let in, I found a nice table and was treated to Marlene MaCleod, an acoustic, folk singer type female who was really good, and I'll have to keep my eye open for her in the future. The only problem is that there were only a handful of people there to see her. And unfortunately that didn't change for Todd Thibaud, but he seemed to take that in stride as he and his band took the stage.

Todd is out in support of his latest release, "Favorite Waste of Time," in which you can hear the influences of the likes of John Hiatt, Steve Earle, and others of that acoustic-feeling, great songs with a message, genre. And Todd does his best to equal, if not better some of the levels that those artists have achieved.

Yea, the place was pretty empty, but there are quite a few artists who are better than the size of the crowd portrays, and Todd Thibaud is one of them. His set was about 45 minutes (he was the opener for some other band I didn't stay for), and he hit on most of the material that I have grown to like so much from "Favorite…," songs like "Sweet Destiny," "Live Without It," and "2 am," which he says he wrote one night when he couldn't sleep. And even though the crowd was small and Todd was getting over a cold, he still put on a show for those of us there, rather than just going through the motions like I've seem some bands do in front of a small crowd.

Show highlights? Well, what I really liked was that, in singing the songs live, Todd seemed to be able to put a little more emotion into some of the songs, was able to jam himself or let his band dudes, like Rich Harris on guitar, toss in some really nice guitar soloing that added to the songs rather than sound like showboating. He has decent crowd banter, which is also tough to pull off sometimes with a smaller crowd, and does a killer cover of Steve Earle's "Copperhead Road." Show lowlights? I just want to see him on a larger stage that he can work a little more, in front of the crowd he deserves.

Todd says he has a new CD coming out in the spring and I'll be looking for it. He's one of my new favoritist artists, and am hoping for the day when I can say "Yea, I remember seeing him play for a handful of people at a little place called Schuba's in Chicago. Todd said he liked playing there because the bar fed the band." In the meantime, if you like the likes of Hiatt, Earle, Petty, or Springsteen, you might want to pick up his CD or catch his show - I think you'll like it just as well. Yea, he's that good, at least for me.

So I'll give Todd Thibaud TWO "WHERE'S THE CROWD?" THUMBS UP! He put on a great show for a select few, and here's hoping he'll be putting on a great show for a select many in the future.

That's it for this one, I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!


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