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The Murmurs
at The Double Door, Chicago, IL.
and Shuddup 'n Drive
at The Bog at IIT, Chicago, IL.

A Concert Review

February, 1995

A Review by
The Dude on the Left &
The Dude on the Right
The Dude on the Right
Well, we are playing catch-up. Due to that one issue of Tech News not making it out on time, we need to backtrack a couple of weeks and begin anew next week. And so, the review that should have ran last week, but didn't so the week's before could run a week late. Follow that...I thought not.

Alright. Stretching the limits of musical variations, here we have reviews of two entirely different bands. First off, The Murmurs, two women with guitars and some multi-colored hair who, as I sat at the Double Door and experienced them, thought of two crazed psycho women from hell, but that definitely is not a bad thing in this case. More on that later. Then there was Shuddup 'n Drive, straight and down home rock and roll, who probably would just love to kick the shit out of The Murmurs. But that's just them.

Alright, first The Murmurs. Now, in every critics column, from Rolling Stone to the Chicago Tribune, all I read is how these two ladies are a bunch of whiney girls with really no talent. Their lyrics have no meaning, they can't sing, and other not so nice words from these critics. Well, I would just love to see The Murmurs and these critics in an alley because if raw energy would have any influence The Murmurs would pummel the critics to bloody little pulps.

I really didn't know what to expect of The Murmurs in a live performance because their CD keeps some of their bent up anger and frustration to a minimum. But on stage, they let loose. Anger and frustration, rage and hope, all of their emotions were transformed to a level most artists never show on stage. Now, I will admit that these two ladies, Heather Grody and Leisha Hailey, probably have no point in a church choir, but that's probably a good thing, especially for the choir.

Yes, some of their lyrics are simple, but come on, of all of the "this guy hurt me real bad" songs, with lyrics you have to dissect with a microscope to find any real meaning, it's sometimes refreshing to hear "you paralyzed my mind, and for that you suck." Simple, and to the point. But, they do have their share of dissectible songs as well. They mix up the simple and complex into a meld sometimes beyond description.

And so, contrary to many of the "it must be beautiful with a message, with the utmost of musical talent, like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, otherwise they are no good" critics, I ask those critics, just what does Eddy Vedder say and mean on "Yellow Leadbetter?" The Murmurs are different, but what is wrong with that? The Murmurs have a high intensity show that borders sometimes on insanity, but what is wrong with that? The Murmurs have some of the brightest hair on tour, but what is wrong with that? The Murmurs pleased the fans at the Double Door, but what is wrong with that? Nothing. So, I give The Murmurs TWO THUMBS UP!!!

And then came Shuddup 'N Drive.

A little history lesson. Shuddup 'N Drive first came to the Bog about 10 years ago. Where were you ten years ago, hell, where was I ten years ago - somewhere in grade school for most of us, and the last thing we ever thought of was college or IIT. But Shuddup 'N Drive was here, as was obvious by some of the old folks sitting with us young folks in the audience.

I'm rambling. Shuddup 'N Drive just didn't live up to all of my expectations. Don't get me wrong, they were good, nearly great, but not quite there. I loved the lead guitarist cruising around the audience, and the voice box for the Joe Walsh song was a great touch, but they lost a beat or two on the Thorogood, and really needed a front-man. I'm told that way back when, they had both the Thorogood and the front man, but as years go by and band members come and go, I just was a little disappointed.

And so, Shuddup 'N Drive get only ONE THUMB UP from me. Just not as great as I expected.

And again, another week comes to a close. But what a strange life we lead, on the road and in school for a few short years. Be sure to come to the Bog this Thursday, it's always an experience. Party Smart, and as always, Rellim Reeb, Rellim Reeb!

The Dude on the Left
OOF! With my head hanging heavy and the blasts from last nite's speakers still in my head, here I sit trying to piece together exactly what happened at this past Bog nite. And the biggest reason I have to try and piece it together, aside from my normal choice of beverage on a typical Bog nite, is that some smarty pants decided it would be kewl to swipe my set list. Okay, so I left it sitting on my table as a strolled down to answer natures call, but I didn't ever have a problem like this before. So, here is what I can remember.

Let's see, the band was Shuddup and Drive, probably the other reason I am having such a hard time today becuz these boys sure do know how to party and have a good time. Shuddup and Drive, fresh from the studio where they just sent another album to print, brought with them a different kind of look then the last time I can remember seeing them. They are a tad bit trimmer from the five man band that they used to be and now are sitting at a nice and "tight" four man band. But they didn't disappoint anyone there. Bringing back most of the old favorites like Joe Walsh and the likes. They introduced some new stuff that I was a tad surprised to see, that being a Counting Crows tune, or at least I think it was a Counting Crows tune (if it wasn't sue me, it was somewhere in the first set). They had a whole selection of Clapton tunes and a few Stevie Ray Vaughn songs that I know a few people were happy to hear.

Well, I must say I am having quite the hard time straining my brain to come up with anything else to tell ya about what they played. I will just tell ya, it was pretty grand to see the numerous alums that caught wind of a Bog Legend that was brought back around for at least one more gig in the Bog. And it most definitely was good to see the Boys, Marty and Ray, in quite the tip top shape that they were in. So, I think I am gonna give Shuddup and Drive TWO HUGEMONGOUS THUMBS UP! It was one hell of a nite. Good thing that these guys only come to the Bog once a semester, or once a year, or else going to Friday morning classes would definitely start getting a little laxed.

Well, that give Shuddup and Drive a total of THREE THUMBS UP for the week, a band I hope not everyone missed cuz they are just that good. Stay tuned for next week, when the Bog plays host to, hrm good question. I think UB really needs to post a listing of all the movies and bands for the rest of the semester, so we can make our plans accordingly. Well just get there.

So until next time, study hard or hardly study but by all means get your work done early so we can pack the Bog to the walls. And I will C.U.Next Thursday.

Oh wait, I guess I am forgetting one kinda major thing. I did see another band during the course of this past week. Hell, I even have the set list for this one. Yepper, you probably guessed it, I saw The Murmurs with my partner at the Double Door. First of all, the Double Door is a new place for us. And I guess I should say something about it. It is an okay place to see a show, I was a tad concerned upon walking into the place as there were two paintings of naked fat woman. But hey, who am I to question that eh? So, anyway, The Murmurs, fresh from their opening of the show from Matthew Sweet, yes the Murmurs had so much energy that they had to play two shows that nite. So, upon arriving at the Double Door, they promptly started in on "Prick Dickinson" a guy who doesn't know "shit from ..." Well, as my partner explained to me, this guy had written something bad about these nice young ladies in the Tribune. That is too bad, becuz I really had critics who try to write something about a fairly talented, in my not so humble opinion, young band, from only their bio and CD. Well, that is what The Murmurs claimed at least.

So, on with the show. We got to hear a few songs that weren't on their latest album, matter of fact I don't think that they are recorded yet. But anyway, I got to hear my favorite Murmurs tune, and no it is not the You Suck song although I like it too, but instead it is a song called Carry Me Home. And as my partner stated these girls had more energy than Com Ed that nite. Well, as opposed to everyone else that seems to hate them, well critic-wise, I really liked them and am giving them Two Thumbs Up, like my partner. So that gives the Four Thumbs Up for the week, too. It must say it was a good week. L8r.


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