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Ronna Reeves
A Concert Review

July 3, 1994

Frontier Day

Arlington Hts., IL

A Review by Big Cooter &
The Dude on the Right
Photos by
The Dude on the Right
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The Dude on the Right
First words out of your mouths - "Who the hell is Ronna Reeves?" Well, Ronna Reeves and The Rhodes Scholars (that's her band) sing country music. And she's pretty pretty too. She's one of those who should be a lot more well known than she is. But the music business is fierce, and without the support from the record company, some of the true talent gets shut out. But I got to see her, and most of you didn't. And I'm glad I did. She basically covered most of her major songs from her past two albums, from the bouncy crowd sing-a-long "The More I Learn" to the meaningful "Stayin' Gone." It was a great show and it's too bad she didn't get noticed more on the country scene because she really has a lot to offer.

Ronna, from me, gets TWO THUMBS UP! It takes a lot to push your music, and when you can keep a crowd who may not have even heard of you before into what you do, you deserve a lot of credit. And she sings great too.

Archive Photo
Big Cooter
HUBBA HUBBA! She is one of the main reasons I became a country fan, just kidding. Ronna is a talented artist and someone I actually paid to see when she was at Whiskey River about 6 or so months ago. This time was even better becuz it was at a Fest, and that means it was free! Yes it is one of those 4 letter words that I love! Anyway, I almost got to touch her and that was enough to give her TWO THUMBS UP and an added appendage! Maybe next time I could be the lucky fella that gets to have her sing to me on stage.


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