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- September 23, 1997

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Rolling Stones
A Concert Review

September 11, 1994

Soldier Field

Chicago, IL

A Review by
The Dude on the Left &
The Dude on the Right
The Dude on the Right
Well, they're older than my dad, they're older than the President, and it's not for the money, but for the booze and women, they're the Rolling Stones. No, they didn't play in the Bog last Thursday (although that would have been way too cool), but they did bring their traveling extravaganza to Soldier Field for two shows about a week ago. And an extravaganza it was.

From the opening drum beats of "Not Fade Away" to the closing fireworks after "Jumpin' Jack Flash," this was a show that every rock band can dream about. With fire, an inflatable Elvis, and a stage over the width of a football field, the Rolling Stones showed that even after thirty years, they still know what rock and roll is about. The show, a little over two hours long, spotlighted a few new tunes, but mostly pulled some classics out of the hat. You had your "Shattered," and a lack of guitars on "Satisfaction" (oops - a glitch in the show but the Stones pulled through it with flying colors. And just when the show started to lull a little bit, out comes "Honky Tonk Woman" and a super hilarious video which I'm sure most of the women's-libers would have hated. Such a portrayal, but then again, this is Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones.

The band was in fine form, whether it be Keith Richards running around with his guitar, Ronnie Wood in his leopard outfit and cigarette in hand, Charlie Watts caught smiling, or Darryl Jones, the bassist taking over for Bill Wyman, hanging out in the back-ground. And then of course, there's Mick Jagger. What can be said about Mick that hasn't been? He epitomizes the womanizer in all us men.

And so, without further ado, the Rolling Stones get TWO BIG THUMBS UP!!!! It was a way cool, and I do mean way cool show.

Oh yea, Simple Simon, played at the Bog last Thursday. The played just about all originals, with a few covers thrown in to get the crowd going, but if it wasn't for the crazy slam-dancers bouncing up and down instead of each other, the night would have been a total bust. They were alright, but I've seen them better. Trying to flaunt now that they have a beer sponsor, they need to remember that from the opening song to the closing song, the show should go on. Not messing around from the beginning until the crowd shows up. But, the crowd was up on it's feet, so I really don't know. Hence, a SHRUG.

And so, that brings me to the end of this week. Coming soon, in fact, this Thursday, to a Bog near you, it's the return of the lovely ladies of Shelivade. Yep, they're back, so all you guys get out there, and ladies, the guys will be aplenty, so if you're looking for one, if they're smart, they'll be at the Bog. Party Smart, and as always, Rellim Reeb, Rellim Reeb.

The Dude on the Left
Fire, Fire, Fire...Yeah, Yeah, that was Kewl!!! Oh sorry, I guess that I should be a tad bit more specific as to what I am talking about. Welp, if you didn't read my partners article I am speaking of the Rolling Stones concert that we attended just about a week ago. Oh it was very kewl to see a band that my dad was actually envious of me seeing. As a matter of fact he said, "Rolling Stones? That is a band of my time, why the Hell are you going to see them?" To which I replied, "Well my musical tastes have changed since I left home!" He said, ....Well enough of that. Needless to say my dad was jealous as hell and I was damned proud of myself.

On to the Stones, these guys are older than the president, as my partner stated, but what he didn't state was that they are probably much more popular than the president. This is a fact that I find very amusing. Anyway, Mick and Keith and Charlie and Ronnie and new bassist, Darryl lead the crowd through the steps during the course of the evening. And even with all the spectacle of the stage and the theatrics those guys really put on a hell of a show. It amazes me how a 50+ year old guy can run around the stage like a lunatic for two hours and not have a heart attack. Needless to say I was impressed. Oh and to top everything, they opened the show with a song that the Grateful Dead play all the time, Not Fade Away. And they had these kewl fire jets going the entire duration of the song and then they got some crazy flash pots that blinded about the whole stadium and they had some inflatable inflatables and then they and then they...well you get the picture. Oh yeah, they played a whole bunch of songs in there too. So I give the Stones TWO big ole honkin THUMBS UP!!! Give them a real shocking FOUR THUMBS UP from the Dudes!

Oh by the by, there was also a band in the Bog this past Thursday. And they were Simple Simon. I was a tad bit worried to hear that they were coming back to the Bog becuz I have seen that they are getting a bit big for their britches. And that would mean that there would be no covers or anything to really arouse the crowd. I was pretty much right. I think that Simple Simon played maybe 5 covers the whole evening. But was I surprised to hear them play a blast from the past to open their show. It seems that a couple of fools, as old as my partner and I are, were yelling for Simple Simon to play some Topaz songs. Topaz being the band that they were before they became Simple Simon. Well, I think the guys in the band were impressed enough to hear their old name again that they decided to bring our an original from the old days. Anyway, after that it was all down hill from their, including the John Denver cover of Rocky Mountain High.

The band was not into it from the beginning, hell they said that the first set in the Bog is like a six pack before your chick shows up to your apartment. I think they were wrong in that respect, cuz it is more like a twelve pack. Welp, I think that I have spoke enough, or at least my 400 words worth, So I am gonna give Simple Simon, ehhhhhhh, a SHRUG. They were okay but not great. And the fact that the crowd was sitting on the dance floor for the entire first set didn't help things any. So a Shrug it is. That means the Simple Simon show gets a grand ole Shrug from the both of us.

Next week brings back them Heavy Metal Biker babes from hell that go under the name Shelivade. They are pretty good, not slutty enough for some but Romantic Fever broke up so get over it guys. So make sure you get your work done early so we can pack the Bog to the walls. And I will C.U.Next Thursday.


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