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Cathy Richardson Band
A Concert Review

April 5, 1996

The Park West

Chicago, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Hey, hey, hey, now. There was once a girl named Cathy, who played a lot of music that was sassy. Then, one day, out of the blue, a record company person came through and said "Baby, Iím gonna make you and your band a star!" Alright, it didnít rhyme, Iím a writer, not a poet.

This kinda sounds like a dream, but my new favoritist band, singer, etc, Cathy Richardson and her band, seem to deserve it - at least from this reviewer.

Now, about a month ago, I was able to see the Cathy girl and her backup boys in a bar, and now, low and behold, my travels bring me to a more popular band spot called the Park West.

The Park West is a kinda strange place to see a band. Itís got cushy seats, nice little booths, and a stage. But, it holds about 800 people of which I would guess about 600 were there to see Cathy Richardson - the only person I know who could fit the words buffered analgesic in a song.

Yeppur, the old C.R. brought her band for a kinda CD release party even though the CD wouldnít be out for a couple of weeks. But that was alright, the crowd there seemed to know her, seemed to like her, and had a great time.

As for the show, it was mostly originals, kinda like the show I saw in Aurora, but she threw in a couple-few new songs I hope are on her new album. Yep, Cathy seems to have it, but just needs that boost to stardom.

What she doesnít have is a wireless system. Granted, its only been about a month since I saw her last, but, this little bundle of energy needs to be set free. Let her run around, let her play in the crowd, let her be free, let her be free. Yep, thatís what I say, let her be free! Itís kinda a shame leaviní a performer stuck behind a mike when technology screams "Fly- Be free my girl! Run with the crowd - they will love you even more."

Well, this review  is kinda incoherent, but I hate to be redundant, so for a review of what she plays, see the review of her at Gamekeepers in Aurora, IL. It was kinda the same except without the set break and without "Spiderman." Oh yea, this time there was also the inclusion of a cute little ditty called "O Starry Night, Sorry Night." Oh yea, too, she had the inclusion of some new cool originals, but , I really missed "Over The Miles." As much as Cathy Richardson and her band are my new favorites, "Over The Miles" is one of my new favorite songs. I just like it - guess it reminds me of some girls long gone. Boo Hoo - Iím starting to cry.

Alright, the show was good, the band was great, and I still love Cathy Richardson. And, borrowing from my last review, from her song, "Drink, Drink, Drink", if she wants to wake up naked in an ugly location with an ugly person (well, all except that ugly part) she donít know - Iím still waiting.

Cathy Richardson at the Park West gets the TWO THUMBS UP vote from me!!! Alright, only one big toe too this time, but the crowd had a great time too, so it couldnít have been bad! Sheís fun, watch for her - she deserves a notice from anyone who likes anything that has to do with rock & roll and blues.

And yes, Cathy Richardson had an opening band, so I guess this review isnít done yet. So, continuing, opening for Cathy was a band called the Nicholas Tremulis Band.

As I listened, I just couldnít put a thumb on exactly the style of music they were playing. But, this is what I came up with.

Nicholas Tremulis is a band that is about 20 years too soon - which is too bad for the band because I canít see them playing the same in 20 years. The music is kinda bluesy with a metal edge.

All I could figure was what they were playing was kinda soft mosh music. All you people listening to Pearl Jam, to Live, to Nine Inch Nails, are going to need something to listen to when you are in your 30ís, the sound I see is Nicholas Tremulis. And thatís good.

The band was good, the music was tight, but just about a few years too soon. I understood the sound, but just couldnít find the mainstream getting into it - yet. They are a cominí, and I hope Nicholas Tremulis is around to lead the way because they are very talented, very clean sounding (in a musical sense), and should be leading the teen-agers into the next century. Someone might as well, and it might as well be Nicholas Tremulis.

And that wraps it up. Good luck Cathy, you deserve a hell of a lot more success than you have (donít take that wrong), and the Nicholas Tremulis people - here comes the next century - stick around, itís yours.


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