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A Concert Review

June 22, 2001

The Tweeter Center

Tinley Park, IL

A Review and Photo by
The Dude on the Right
I must apologize right at the start of this review because sadly it wonít be as much of a concert review as I would have liked. Read on and you will understand. My life is so difficult sometimes. The Dude on the Right.

I like Poe, always have. First introduced with the CD "Hello," well, the first time I got to see her was sandwiched as an opening act between The Refreshments and Seven Mary Three.  As good as she was there, I really wanted to see her again but I kept screwing it up. So, I patiently waited for Poe to come back. It took awhile, then her latest CD "Haunted" came out, and, well, I missed her a few times again. Then I found out she was opening for Depeche Mode and said to myself "Self, donít miss her this time. You like the new CD, like the old CD, itís time for you to see Poe and get some photos too." I just wish my seeing her had been as exciting as my hearing her. I guess I should just be a prick sometimes instead of playing by the rules. Here we goÖ

Poe was opening for Depeche Mode at The Tweeter Center outside of Chicago. The show was supposed to start at 8PM, and knowing things arenít always set up like they are supposed to be, well, I got to the venue about 6:45. All was well with my Depeche Mode clearance, but there was also supposed to be a photo pass for Poe as well, and it wasnít at will-call yet. The nice lady said to give it about 15 or 20 minutes and check again. So, well, I did. I was polite, checked back again, and still nothing. "Check back about 7:30." 7:30 rolls around and still nothing, but this time Iím told things are all set, meet my escort at 7:45, stage right, and Iíll be escorted to the photo pit.

Iím patiently waiting the few minutes until 7:45, when, low and behold, Poe comes onstage. The prick in me says to blow past the security dudette (yea, like she could have really stopped me Ė it was the dudes at the photo pit that I knew could kick my ass), but maybe I could have talked my way into the photo pit. The security dudette wouldnít let me go so I found another dudette with a security radio, but, well, my escort was nowhere to be found. Poe is going through a great version of "Terrible Thought", I can see her bouncing around on the stage, and Iím quickly thinking my review is going to be from a really bad spot off the side of the stage.

Second song, "Control," and Poe and her band are really working the crowd which has just started to fill in. The crowd is responding, Poe is sounding great even in the echo chamber that can be The Tweeter Center, and still no escort. Word comes from the dudetteís radio that my escort is on the way, and still, playing by the rules, knew that with the start of the third song, a really kick-ass version of "Hey Pretty" from "Haunted," well, please give me at least 30 seconds to get a shot (you only get three songs to shoot a band usually). I did a 30 second shoot for James Brown once, I can do it for Poe. Finally my escort arrived, Iím down the ramp to the photo pit, and Iíve got maybe 15 seconds to the end of the third song. Sadly Poe is crouched down, staring at, well, I think was the record mixer dude, and all I really have is a good shot at her butt. Pissed that my escort took so long, and maybe more pissed because I didnít just force the issue and get myself into the photo pit sooner, I canít believe I missed taking a picture of Poeís butt, but as "Hey Pretty" was finishing, well, Poe came back to the microphone and left me with this shot.

15 seconds into my photo shoot and my photo shoot is over. Now Iím back at my lousy spot, stage right, to finally relax and enjoy Poe. She pulled into "Haunted," probably my favorite song off of her latest CD, the Poe fans definitely responded with "Angry Johnny," and her wrap-up with "5 & Ĺ Minute Hallway" left me saying to myself "Self, next time wait for her to be the headliner, next time force the issue more, and I guess, next time, just be a prick if you need to be."

Poeís set was great, even from a bad spot at the side of the stage. By starting early she ended up able to give extended versions of songs and was able to give six songs instead what probably would have been three. She knew how to work the crowd, even jumping into the audience, helping a sing-a-long, and there was a stage presence that, well, even though she was the opening act, sheís really getting to the headlining stage. The set also showed how her music can blend from the mystical, to the dance, to pop. Poe was able to show this with only six songs and it will be great to see her when the full time can be her own.

Iím sorry for the rant about the photo problems but it really ate into my enjoyment of seeing Poe again. Iím sure my next time will be better and for this one Poe gets "TWO ĎI canít believe I didnít take a photo of her buttí THUMBS UP!"

Thatís it for this one! Iím The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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