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Iggy Pop
A Concert Review

October 29, 1999

The Metro

Chicago, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
When I told one friend of mine that I was going to see Iggy Pop, he replied "Isn't he dead?" "I guess not," I replied, "since he's playing at the Metro." Then I told Stu I was going and his retort was "Dude, he's the ugliest man in rock & roll." Well, Stu, maybe to you, but as Iggy knelt in front of the microphone to start his set, the first thing I heard was a dudette yelling "You look great Iggy!" I guess to each his, or in this case her, own.

Me, alright, I've heard of Iggy Pop, and maybe just my upbringing, or maybe because they didn't play him on the radio in Cleveland in my formative years, but in all honesty, if you asked me to name one Iggy Pop song, I couldn't tell you one. So it was with a little surprise when I got to the Metro and saw the microphone on a little stand about crotch high. I thought to myself "Self, I thought he was taller than that." Alright, I thought that would be a funny joke, but I guess you had to be there. In any case I figured Iggy had to be of slightly higher stature so there had to be some strange reason for the mike to be that low. Then Iggy came out, the dudette screamed her admiration for Iggy, and Iggy proceeded to kneel in front of the microphone, acoustic guitar in hands, and sang, or more actually orated, this brooding, acoustic, I'm guessing song from his new CD "Avenue B" but I could be wrong, that had me saying to myself "Self, this has the makings of a very strange show." But then the explosion started that I now know is Iggy Pop.

Forgive me again for not really knowing most of the songs in Iggy's set, but sometimes I can go to a show and not know a damn thing but leave the show duly impressed. After leaving Iggy's show I was duly impressed for a variety of reasons, but mostly because one, the dude is nuts, and two, he rocks his ass off. The nuts part comes from seeing Iggy almost take out band members as he would swing his microphone stand all around the stage, running like a fullback into a set of speaker-stacks nearly toppling them over, and jumping on another set of teetering speaker-stacks, almost looking like he was ready to stage dive, but instead taking a leap back onto the stage. The rocks his ass off part comes simply because he did. Working the entire stage, connecting with audience folk, singing what people wanted to hear, and it was obvious that Iggy could take to school many of the younger generation, teaching them a thing or two or a hundred about how to put on a concert.

There were a few songs I did recognize, especially a most excellent "Real Wild Child (Wild One), and many I didn't recognize, like "Raw Power" (which someone told me), and what I wrote down as "The La La La La La La La La Song" which my investigating let me to find being "The Passenger." But even though I didn't know the songs, I too, like everyone else, found myself bobbing my head, dancing along, and enjoying a man who made me realize what all the hubbub is about.


Like I mentioned, Iggy did some slower things, like when he came back for his extended encore, but sadly the acoustics of the Metro where I ended up, as well as assholes in front of me talking about the upcoming Bears game, muffled the lyrics. I suppose I should have just kicked those dude's asses, but I wanted to see the rest of the show. In any case, not knowing a damn thing except his name, I can now say I am impressed with Iggy Pop. Sometimes it's just that simple.

A lot of people were going to have a hard time getting to work the next morning, especially the dude in front of me who almost took a header out the fire escape door but managed not to spill his beer. I think that is what most of the people were hoping for. Iggy didn't let them down. For that it's TWO "HE'S DEFINITELY NOT DEAD" THUMBS UP for Iggy Pop.

That's it for this one! I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!


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