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Ozzy Osbourne
A Concert Review

June 28, 1996

The New World
Music Theatre

Tinley Park, IL

A Review by
The Dude on the Right
I've read a lot of reviews of how bad/sad it was that Ozzy Osbourne is back with an album and god forbid, touring. But, in the words of Ozzy at the World Music Theatre - "Fuck 'Em." Sometimes there is nothing like heavy metal rock 'n roll.

Always wanting to see Ozzy, I for one was happy he came out of retirement. I've always had a strange love for heavy metal - you know the type with real guitar playing and lyrics you can understand. It's too bad there isn't much of that anymore. Don't get me wrong, I do like the new music, but there's nothing like hands swaying in the air, bobbing heads, and music really loud but clear.

From the opening series of riotous videos, Ozzy was magically transported into Apollo 13, hangin' with the boys of Star Trek, sitting in the back seat with Alanis (I found that ironic), taking a dump (going to the bathroom) in a CK1 commercial, getting down with his bad self in Saturday Night Fever, and singing with Elvis. All of this brought a chuckle and cheers from the crowd, but then the sounds of "Carmina Burana" from Orff came and the crowd knew who was on his way.

Walking on stage, Ozzy is still one scary fuckin' looking dude. Armed with a water canon and buckets of water, Ozzy proceeded to "bless" the crowd and then ran through a set list of mostly old classics with a couple of new tunes.

Always one to incite a near riotous reaction from a crowd, this time was no different. They sang along with the classics like "I Don't Know" and "Flying High Again" while still helping out on the new stuff like "Perry Mason." They were wanting a leader, someone they could bear their breasts at (gotta love those big video screens!), and just a band or a singer who could fill the void of good heavy metal in their life. Ozzy had to come back since the likes of bands such as Gun's 'n Roses seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. Someone has to give the heavy metal fans their fill, and it might as well be Ozzy.

I for one join the thousands of fans and say to the critics "Fuck You." Ozzy may be a little older, and maybe his music isn't "hip" or critically acclaimed like a P.J. Harvey or Liz Phair, but he still puts on a show that his fans love. And you know, that's what it really is about. So, the Oz-man gets a couple of big thumbs up from me. Maybe I'm not a "hip" critic, but I'm glad Ozzy came out of retirement because I finally have seen what I have been missing all of these years.

Oh yea, I wanted to have some photos of the Oz-man, but the media people said no - I guess they were afraid of the "holy" water being doused on the crowd. Had I known, I would have just brought my rain-gear, but, oh well!


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