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Little Feat
A Concert Review

May 28, 1995

Skyline Stage

Chicago, IL

A Review by
The Dude on the Left &
The Dude on the Right
Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Archive Photo
The Dude on the Right
Alrighty then... The band was Little Feat, they have a new album called "Ain't Had Enough Fun," and they definitely that is!

There I was, watching some pretty lame fireworks for Memorial Day, and waiting impatiently for a band who, quite honestly, I only remember one song - that being "Let It Roll" from a few years back. Cajun rock & roll is what they are about, and it was just a blast.

The band opened with "Rad Gumbo" and the crowd jumped right in from the start. And the best part is nobody stopped - not the band nor the crowd, and it was nearing 11:15 at night. Now, admitting again that I'm not that familiar with Little Feat songs, I'll leave my partner for more of the set list. But now that I have experienced Little Feat live, I think I'm kinda hooked.

Led by Shaun Murphy, their newly acquired vocalist (alright, she isn't really new, she's helped them out backing up before - but hey, now she's a full fledged member), and Paul Barrere on guitar and vocals, the band showed a talent that has brought them through 13 albums. Shaun added a kinda different element with the addition of a female in what appears to be a male dominated band, but the move was refreshing, her vocals great, and a change that the crowd was receptive too.

Throughout the evening, a bouncing crowd was thrilled by wailing guitar work, solid vocals, and just one big party, which is kinda what Little Feat seems mostly about.

And so, without much further ado, Little Feat was a great show - I had fun, and more importantly the crowd had a blast, so I have no choice but to give Little Feat TWO BIG THUMBS UP!!!

Opening for Little Feat was Leon Redbone, you know, the "Getting to Know You" guy. Just three people up on that big old stage, I liken Leon Redbone to Bob Dylan with class. You couldn't understand but a few words he was mumbling, but it was still way cool. And the way he used his drink as a slide on his guitar was way talented. He was good, the crowd was receptive, and I'll give him ONE THUMB UP!

What a great way to officially kick off the summer: two great shows, one nice night, and just one big party. Until next review, Party Smart, and as always, Rellim Reeb, Rellim Reeb!!!

Archive Photo
The Dude on the Left
Little Feat's two shows sandwiched the WXRT fireworks to kick off summer this past Memorial day weekend at Navy Pier's Skyline stage. The late show kicked off with "Rad Gumbo" and got the crowd up on their Feat and dancing to the band's Cajun sound. The band has added vocalist Shaun Murphy since this reviewer has last seen them.

I must admit I was a little apprehensive about how she would fit into a sound I have grown to love over the years. Would the songs sound the same? Would they change the lyrics to one of my favorite songs to, "Fat Woman in the Bathtub"? These questions were answered when Shaun led the band through some material off their latest release, "Ain't Had Enough Fun". "Romance without Finance" and "Big Bang Theory" were proof enough for me this new line up would work. And work it did, as they moved through some of their older classics. "Fat Man in the Bathtub" was sung by guitarist/vocalist, Paul Barrere in a fashion that would have made Feat-founder, the late Lowell George proud. Sam Clayton came down from his congas to duet with Shaun on "Pretty Good Love". The band then moved into "Oh' Atlanta", and I felt I was back in the old south, especially when the next number was "Dixie Chicken". This Featured solos by each band member, showing they haven't lost much after all these years. The band closed the set with "Let it Roll", from their come back album several years ago.

Finally, they returned for an encore of crowd favorites, "Willin'" and "Feats Don't Fail me Now". All in all a great show. TWO THUMBS UP from this reviewer for a grand total of FOUR THUMBS UP!!!

Leon Redbone was the opening act. His trio played loose Dixieland jazz that some in the crowd were really into. Leon marked the evening by taking a Polaroid of the crowd. The enthusiastic group down front loved it, and Leon commented, "I'm looking for a few good audiences to take out on the road". Maybe he found some folks to follow him around, kind of like Red-heads or maybe bone-heads. One Thumb up for the man in the dark glasses and nice suit, which gives him TWO TOTAL THUMBS UP!

It's only June and the summer has been so busy - I almost can't wait till the next show. But for now I need some sleep. Hang Loose!


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