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Beth Hart Band
A Concert Review

July 24, 1996

Schuba's Tavern

Chicago, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Beth Hart
Beth Hart
Beth Hart Band. "Who?" Well, they're a band, led by lead singer Beth Hart. Beth Hart Band. "What?" You heard me, Beth Hart Band. Beth Hart Band. "When?" Dammit, they're a band, they play at local bars, so it's usually at night. Beth Hart Band. "Where?" Read the answer for "When?" again, except add Lollapalooza to that. Beth Hart Band. "Why?" Because they may not be famous, but if you want to see a talented band with a seemingly sometimes insane, sometimes gentle, but never stopping for a breath lead singer dudette, then for God's sake go see them. Beth Hart Band. "How?" Well, check your local concert schedule, get in you car, and go listen to some really cool songs you probably haven't heard on the radio - yet.

Well, I guess this review is done, I answered all the basic questions, so I'll just call it a night.

Alright, I may have answered the questions, but why should you go see Beth Hart Band? I'll tell you why. Because you like Alanis, yea, the Morissette dudette, but want something more, or someone more, or someone whose lyrics may not seem to be "male-bashing," but someone with an energy level that never quits. That's the Beth Hart Band. (or should that be "That's Beth Hart Band." - Alright, I'm no english major, and will never claim to be, hell, read some of our reviews and you can tell that none of us are, but I always get screwed up as to where that "the" goes when referencing a band or even if you should use it. So, give me a bad grade for grammar, especially for putting a sentence inside quotations marks during a review). Anyway, the more I listen to the
She gives it everything.
Beth Hart Band's CD, "Immortal," and especially after seeing them live, I can say this - the band is good and Beth Hart might be some crazed, sometimes psychotic (and I mean that in a really cool way) dudette, but seeing them live gives a new look into listening to the CD.

Well, enough of that intro shit, I went to see the Beth Hart Band at Schuba's here in Chicago, and let's just say Schuba's is a pretty small place. But, when there aren't any people there, it seems huge, and unfortunately, this night, this was the largest venue I have been to in a while. Basically, there were maybe a handful of people at this show, which is too bad because the rest of the world doesn't know what they missed.

The show was pretty short, hell, the band only has one CD that I know of. Although short, and usually I will crucify a show that's maybe an hour in length, if an energy level is reached of huge proportions, and if a band gives there all even for a small group of people, and the few people like them, this reviewer gives a good review, especially if I like the show too.

All drenched.
If you want the set list, read the concert specs below or buy the CD, it's basically the same, but the CD doesn't do anything that this band, and especially Beth Hart, does live. For every song she pours every once of energy into it. Beth kinda sounds like Janis Joplin but for the now. They have a first single out called "Run" which they played, although I think they should release either "Isolation" or "Immortal" if they want some air-play, and as the energy built throughout the show, it was during the bluesy song "Am I the One" that Beth and the band turned it up a notch. Drenching herself in water (Stu Gotz would have loved the wet t-shirt look, but that's another story entirely), Beth bounded out into the small audience, belted out energy directly in the face of some half scared, half mesmerized guys, tipped over a table, and basically was totally into a song that, even without the energy she gave live, is cool. Wow, that really doesn't describe shit, but I guess it's really hard to put the energy into words. You have got to see it.

Yea, normal critics will probably say stuff like "an overblown attempt to entice a crowd," but, I thought it was really cool. It's just too bad she wasn't wireless because they she could have gone after everyone in the crowd instead of a select few.

I guess all I can say is I really liked the Beth Hart Band. The band has talent and Beth Hart is definitely not one to stand behind her microphone and just sing. She works every song, she seems to love her music, and doesn't give a shit if it's only for a crowd of a few - she will still put every ounce of energy into every song and have you leaving saying to yourself "What the hell just happened?"

Beth Hart Band (or should that be the Beth Hart Band - ah, shit, who cares anyway) gets TWO BIG THUMBS UP! Any band that gives their all for a handful of people will usually, automatically get one thumb, but when a band goes totally out of their way to work every person in the crowd, it's a two thumb-upper from me. And I guess that's all I have to say.

That's it for this one. I'm The Dude on the Right. L8R!


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