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A Concert Review

November 6, 1996

The Metro

Chicago, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
Jane Wiedlin
Jane Wiedlin
How much can I say about a band that I really don't know much about, never heard anything they have recorded yet, opened for some band I really didn't care for who opened for the Lemonheads, and only played for 30 minutes? Well, we'll have to see where this review takes me. Come on, follow along. It might be short, it might be long, the review that is, but let's find out about froSTed together.

Like I said, the band is called froSTed and they are fronted by that perky little Jane Wiedlin of ex Go-Gos fame. She's the guitar-wielding, lead-singing, cool looking shoes wearing, bouncing around the stage dudette who supposedly formed the band because she wanted to play live, in front of people as it would be. Alright, nice idea, but was it a good one. Well read on, you might be surprised.

Since they were the opener for the opening band, the crowd still hadn't filled in that greatly yet, and I don't think many of them had any idea what they were in store for. Neither did I. But, what I found was this pretty cool band with a punk sound, kinda with a flavor of the Go-Gos, but now with a sound more in touch with today. You see, Jane and the rest of the band were on a mission - to cram as much material into their 30 minutes that the crowd could handle. Ten songs and 30 minutes later they had accomplished just that. The crowd throughout the entire set had their heads bobbing to songs they've never heard before (except for that "Hush my darling, don't you cry" intro to "American in Me."), and seemed to like the band as much as I did. All except for one little flaw, but I'll get to that later.

Jane again!
Jane again!
As for the music and the band, I guess I was impressed by the energy the band put out, the fact that the band was really pretty talented, and the bass dude's hair (I believe his name would be Sean Demott). I liked the fact that the band worked to secure some new fans who were standing there saying to themselves "self, ain't that the chick from the Go-Gos?" or "self, I don't know any of these songs so why is my head bobbing to the music?" or "self, come on, go say "hi" to that girl over there. She smiled at you. Wait, who's that guy? Why is he talking to her? Hey, they're making out. That bitch, why did she smile at me?!?" The band had to work the entire crowd, and they did pretty well I might add.

In the end, I'm simply at a loss for words because they were good, the crowd liked them, and I'd like to see them again. So, I guess this will be a short review. If you see a band called froSTed coming to your town, and you like rock music with a little punk edge to it, go see them. I'll give 'em ONE THUMB UP!

Yea, yea. Now you're saying, "Hey, wait Dude. You seemed to like the band, said the crowd seemed to like the band, what gives with only one thumb?" Well, I said there was one flaw, and not to be bustin' on Ms. Wiedlin, but she really wasn't great at that "lead-person" crowd banter. I liked her singin' and her guitar playin', but she just couldn't carry-on a good conversation with the crowd. I guess my constructive criticism for the day goes along the lines of she should put the same energy and confidence into talking to the crowd as she does singing. She tried to do some advertising for their "merchandising machine," but all I picked up was they had a CD out called "Cold" and an actual vinyl record out with a bonus track (hey, I even have a record player - I might have to pick one up). Oh yea, the record is blue. Call me picky, but the between song stage presence was missing something. I guess in time it will come along. So, yea, I'm sticking with only one thumb.

And, I guess that's it for this one, I'm The Dude on the Right! L8R!!


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