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Melissa Etheridge
A Concert Review

June 3, 1995

The New World
Music Theater

Tinley Park, IL

A Review by
The Dude on the Left &
The Dude on the Right
The Dude on the Right
Boyfriends brought their girlfriends, girlfriends brought their girlfriends, and me, well, I brought The Dude on the Left. Oh well, it's our job.

On tap this time was Melissa Etheridge. Sporting some cool looking shiny silver pants, bringing along her 12-string guitar, and even attracting the "June" bugs this late spring evening, Melissa also brought along something more special in her bag of tricks - 20+ songs with enough feeling and energy to fill a stadium three times the size of the World Music Theatre.

Beginning with "All American Girl" and ending with "Talking to My Angel," she took a crowd for two and a half hours on a ride of hits, a surprise for the lawn crowd, new material, and even a metal-edge covering an old AC/DC tune.

Her music has always been full of emotion, and listening to a CD or two is great, but from this show, true Melissa is seeing her live where she is able to feed off the energy of the crowd and give it back ten-fold. She played every song you could imagine (although she did skip my favorite - "I Will Never Be The Same"), had fun with the crowd, killed a bug or two, and seemed almost astonished that people could love her so much. With every "I Love You Chicago," or "Chicago - You Rule!," she brought the crowd to a frenzy, bringing a surprise look of appreciation and gratitude for taking her music and making it mean something for everyone.

Some new tunes were spotlighted as well, as she stood on a pedestal in the back of the pavilion, and gave the lawn crowd their money's worth - undoubtedly pissing off those who paid big bucks to scalpers for those up-front tickets. But, nonetheless, Melissa's show was about having fun and letting everyone feel they are a part of the show.

And as the show was beginning to come to a close, the rings of "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC filled the air, and as she sang "the best damn woman that I've ever seen," the crowd went nuts. But, I also realized something. Maybe it's kinda warped, but I realized that if she can sing those "guy" songs written for girls, you know - songs like "Thunder Road" by Springs teen or even AC/DC tunes, I can sing many of her songs and not feel weird.

I read in an interview that Melissa Etheridge wants to be the first female performer to headline a stadium tour, and with another album or two like her past ones, I think she will probably accomplish that goal. And you know, even in front of 70,000 screaming fans, I think she will also find a way to touch that person seated furthest away, the person just happy to be there. That person will go away feeling just as fascinated with Melissa as the people in the front row. That's a performer.

Well, Melissa Etheridge gets TWO HUGEMONGOUS THUMBS UP, and even TWO BIG TOES UP!!!! Her concert was great, she was great, and I doubt there wasn't a person in the place who went away disappointed.

And I'm done for this one. Stay tuned for more, and remember during this summer-time, party smart, and as always, Rellim Reeb, Rellim Reeb!!!

The Dude on the Left
Melissa Etheridge sure looks like she loves her job, as she told the crowd during her show at the World Music Theater. She rolled around on the stage playing her hits, played three songs from the sound board area in the middle of the pavilion while the band jammed on, and had the drummer playing two guitars and the bass with his drumsticks then she and the rest of the band picked up the drumsticks, joining the drummer in a his drum solo. (Or would that be a drum quado?)

She played a mix of stuff from her four albums, as well as a song from her upcoming album, which should be out later in the summer. The two and a half hour show shifted gears several times going from fast rocking songs like "Bring Me Some Water", and "Ain't It Heavy" to ballads like "Chrome Plated Heart", and "Brave and Crazy".

The high point of the show for me was her version of the AC/DC classic "You Shook Me All Night Long". Her guitar player did a great job on that song in particular.

The crowd consisted of mostly groups of women, a few guys with dates, and two guys with bags on their heads. Everyone there got into the show and quickly danced and sang along.

Melissa Etheridge get 2 BIG OL' THUMBS UP from me. She also gets the SPECIAL THIRD APPENDAGE up, because, regardless of her sexual preference, she looked great running around in these cool looking silver pants. That gives Melissa a grand total of FOUR THUMBS, TWO BIG TOES, and a SPECIAL APPENDAGE. I guess she did alright.

I have noticed two other "New" things about the New World Music Theater, one good, and of course, one bad. On the good side, the parking people where telling people their lights where on as they parked, which I thought was a nice touch. The other thing is they have hired the new Hitler Youth as security. They wouldn't let anyone dance in the aisles at all, and were really rude about telling people to get back to their seats. It wasn't like a crazed mosh pit or anything, it was just a few people having a good time, lighten up guys.

Boy, it's been busy lately, and the summer has but yet begun, so keep your CRT's tuned in and read the latest in coolest reviews by us!!! Ta Ta For Now, C.U.L8R, Adios Amigos, and all that other jazz.


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