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George Carlin
with special guest Dennis Laird

A Comedy Review

May 18, 1996

Paramount Arts Centre

Aurora, IL

A Review and Photos by
The Dude on the Right
It was finally warm, downright hot, on a Saturday, and yours truly decided golf was in order for the afternoon. George Carlin Photo 2Eighteen holes later, no sunscreen, a few too many beers instead of water, and this reviewer felt like shit. But, I had a job to do, and that was to down a couple-five glasses of water, and head out to the Paramount Arts Centre (right across from the Hollywood Riverboat Casino!) in Aurora, Illinois, and listen to the comedic wonders of George Carlin.

Arriving early, I met some friends (I have a few of them - although they say they just invite me along out of pity - oh well), we met at this cool new place called Walter Payton's Roundhouse, basically a converted railroad roundhouse turned into a bar/restaurant. Not having much time, I ordered a cheeseburger and an iced tea. I'm only telling you all this because that was one tasty cheeseburger, damn near one of the tastiest I've ever had. I must make it a point to return and give a full review, but, sorry, I digress.

Snarfing down the cheeseburger, it was across a couple of streets, and I took my seat eagerly awaiting the antics and raving of George.

But, I had to wait a little longer because up first was a rather funny comedian in his own right, Dennis Laird. Dennis' act is built around a guitar and some rather funny songs about life in our times. Quite a few good laughs were built around the "Karaoke - I sing better when I'm drunk" song, nice little numbers wailing on all types of political figures - like the "Gimme Crack Now" for Marion Barry, and of course, any comedic performance wouldn't be complete without a few good Unabomber jokes. All in all, Dennis Laird was pretty funny, and I'd even go see him again. If he's in your town, check him out. He gets ONE THUMB UP!

But it was George Carlin I, and everyone else, eagerly awaited, even though I was now feeling like sunstroke had set him.

George Carlin always had a way of throwing humor into the seemingly stupid world of political correctness, and this show was no different. His segment on "People I Can Do Without" touches on way too many nerves and the society we live in. He wants to get rid of boy scout masters with dildo shops, guys with names on their belts, people with large gums and small teeth, and women with arm-hair. I have to say, I agree, I can do without them too.

Rolling right along, Carlin moved into "English Expressions" that make no sense. When can one be "legally drunk," when have hotcakes ever sold fast enough to warrant "selling like hotcakes," and when something "takes the cake," where are George Carlin Photo 1you taking it. My favorite, though, had to be "greatest thing since sliced bread." I've said it a million times, but George made me realize there is one better - what about the lava lamp. So now, thanks to George, I am going to lead a crusade in the new saying "it's the greatest thing since the lava lamp!" The crowd loved George, every biting moment, even moving into the next group of comments on human life.

George Carlin has this great nack of tacking everyday, human events, and it's not really building a joke around it, it's showing how we all act the same, and that it's those occurrences where the joke is. Things like toe-nail clippings that magically shoot across the room, how all day Wednesday you think it is Thursday, how you can never tell a person exactly where thaC">

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