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Crosby, Stills, & Nash
w/ Chicago

A Concert Review

July 27, 1996

The New World
Music Theater

Tinley Park, IL

A Review and Photos by
Stu Gotz
Will-Call is a great thing…when it works. Unfortunately, the night I went to see Crosby Stills & Nash play the World Music Theatre, opening for the band Chicago, there were a few bugs in the Will-Call system. That being the case, I unfortunately have very little to say about the shows because I really didn't get to see them. But they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so, by my count this review is over 8,340 words long.
Crosby Stills
Crosby Stills

I'll admit it that I went to the CSN show under false pretenses. You see, when I read the up-coming show schedule, I had a blonde moment and thought it said "Chicago and CSO" (CSO being the Chicago Symphony Orchestra). "Wow" I thought, "What an unusual combination. I've got to see that!" When I found out it was Crosby, Stills, & Nash I was a little disappointed. Obviously I had a lot to learn about the band.

and Nash and Crosby
and Nash and Crosby

You see, in my mind, CS&N was "hippie throw-back music," and it is…. But, having experienced it first hand for only a few songs, I came to appreciate the outstandingly talented musicians that are Crosby, Stills, and Nash. The crowd loved them, and I think I may even go out and pick up their CD. So, I give CS&N TWO THUMBS UP!

Horns and a guitar
Horns and a guitar
Now, as for the band Chicago, I've seen them before and I love their great horn sound. These guys may be getting older (four of them have been together for 30 years now), but that hasn't slowed them down any. Plus, they're still looking fit and trim. God I hope I can be like them when I'm in my 50's! Chicago rocked the house for the short time I saw them, and undoubtedly did so the rest of the night. I even got to here one of the three quintessential songs that define Chicago in my mind (did I just use the word quintessential?). Those three songs are "25 or 6 to 4," "Saturday in the Park," and "Time." I only got to hear the latter, but it was enough to convince me that Chicago is still a band worth seeing. I give Chicago TWO THUMBS UP!!!
a trombone and those horns!
a trombone and those horns!

I won't apologize for the short review, it wasn't my screw-up, but I really only got to hear the three songs I got to take pictures for. I liked those songs though, and hope to catch a full blown show by both CS&N and Chicago next time around. 'nuff said.


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