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A Concert Review
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September 19, 1998

The New World
Music Theater

Tinley Park, IL

A Review by: Big Cooter
Photos by:
The Dude on the Right
Steven Tyler
When my beloved editor asked me to go with him to the Aerosmith show, I thought to myself, "Self, this should be a nice kick-butt, rock 'em and sock 'em type concert." Then I remembered that Aerosmith currently had a single from a relatively popular movie, that it was a balladish type song, and that it was driving all the lil' teenie-boppers crazy. Then I started wondering what type of mix of people was I about to be entertained by, that is other than the band. Well, the term all ages was really put to the test for this show as I quickly found that we had the 40ish year old moms and dads bringing little skippy and skippette to see Aerosmith. Now, I don't mean to say that as a bad thing, but I find it amusing that a lot of the youngins probably have never heard the song "Dream On, " maybe mostly because they can't figure out how to listen to their parent's old Aerosmith records. But there they were, packing the World Music Theatre - The young, the old, and everyone in between.


Real quick, Aerosmith had an opening band and they were called Monster Magnet. I was not real sure who this band was until they hit the stage and started performing. They had a type of musical style to them that, for me, kinda mixed grunge with heavy metal, and I have to say that I enjoyed their small set of tunes. Hell, I even heard a song that I recognized. At first I thought that it was a cover tune, but after a later discussion with The Dude on the Right I came to find that it was indeed an original tune that was getting airtime for them. I think the song was called

Dave Wyndorf
Monster Magnet
 "Space Lord," and if they can continue that type of music I don't think that these guys are too far off from making a small name for themselves, or maybe a bigger name for themselves. Enough about the opener.

Once Monster Magnet cleared the stage, well, the stage crew took over. People were everywhere and seemingly doing everything from setting up stage props to tuning guitars to re-arranging the light riggings, and now it was time for Aerosmith.

Joe Perry
So the lights go out and these large curtains drop down in front of the stage providing the perfect back-drop for the guys of the band to come out and cast interesting shadows upon the curtains, most notably Steven Tyler making his shadow sit on the drummer. Well, finally those curtains dropped, the pyrotechnics went off, and the concert was underway.

First, a few of the things I noticed right away. One, Tyler was wearing a HUGE knee brace, a leftover from an attack of a killer microphone stand. Brace and all, he performed like a trooper and put on a hell of a show. Next, the rotating drum set. Now, of course this isn't the first drum set I've seen like this, but hey, worth noting. Another thing was the fact that there was this keyboardist/background singer that was sitting stage right and off in the dark. I found that to be a tad odd, but who am I to talk? Oh, and one last thing, they need to outlaw those crazy laser pointer pen thingies that the youngins in the crowd think are cool. Let's talk about annoying. No, I guess let's not.

Joey Kramer
So, what is there to say about Aerosmith's playing? Hell, they've been playing for just about forever and they've got their act pretty much set, so playing and rocking for them just isn't a problem. The band cruised through their entire entourage of hits during the course of the evening, everything from "Dream On" from the early years to "Don't Want To Miss a Thing" from the now years, giving just about everything that one would have expected in a concert from a band that has been through it all. But the show wasn't all rocking, they did take a small break and had Joe Perry play and sing this real bluesy tune that, well, I'm still not sure what it was. I started to think it was "Soul to Soul," but I just couldn't place it. None the less, Joe Perry lived up to his "Singing his ass off billing" that Steven Tyler had given him.

The show was a rockin' but the clincher of the night was when we were leaving the show. Walking back to the dude-mobile I hear someone snoring. "Hmm, you don't hear that every day in a parking lot?" I look around to find some dude a couple cars down, passed-out and spread eagle, on the hood of his car. I guess he just wanted to make sure his friends didn't leave without him. Then again, maybe it wasn't his car.

So, all in all, I must say that I had a very entertaining evening and the good fortune to take in a band that knows how to rock and has been doing so for many a year. It's TWO BIG "KNEE BRACE" THUMBS UP for Aerosmith!

I'm Big Cooter, and I'm done!


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