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July 30, 2007

What's New? A Podcast of: Stu & The Dude's Weekend Wrap-Up! "The Simpsons Movie," It's Not Stu's Fault, and Boinking Animals.

For this podcast of their weekend wrap-up, Stu Gotz and The Dude on the Right are reunited once again and Stu seems to be hoping, as he listens to "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," that J. K. Rowling is trying to set things up so that the final movie as an R-Rated flick. The Dude thinks not, but they both agree that "The Simpsons Movie" was entertaining. Stu also tries to defend his not being The Dude's fault for The Dude's chubbiness, and also urges The Dude to catch this week's "Entourage" for some boinking animals. The Dude is excited about catching "Entourage," but not as excited as a carny might have been in seeing Mama Gotz. Happy listening!

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July 29, 2007

Are There Any Team Comedians Today Like Abbott & Costello Doing "Who's On First?"

By: The Dude on the Right
Yesterday I'm driving around in the Dude-Mobile, listening to my Sirius Satellite Radio, channel-surfing as I'm am wont to do on the weekends, and I land on the family friendly comedy channel, Laugh Break, Sirius Channel 105.  In all honesty I'm more of a fan of Raw Dog, Channel 104, the uncensored comedy channel, but hey, it was only one channel higher, so there I was, on 105, and as much as I can be a fan of dirty jokes, there it was, one of the best comedy sketches ever, the brilliant work of Abbott and Costello doing "Who's on First?"

The thing with the "Who's on First?" sketch is it is so simple in its concept, yet it is the genius of Abbott and Costello that really brings it to life.  Why do I say that?  Because if you just read the sketch, and there's a transcript and a link to the audio at Baseball, it's really not that funny, actually kind of juvenile, and if you read it the skit doesn't seem to work on paper.  What makes it funny is the deadpan nature of Bud Abbott, and the frustrated, "I'm gonna sock you one in the jaw if you don't tell me who's on first," attitude of Lou Costello.  And I started to wonder, because there are some great comedians nowadays, but you don't really have the teamwork of some of the acts of yesteryear, unless I'm missing some of them right now with a brain fart or something.  The closest thing I can recall as a team of comedians is a ventriloquist and his dummy, and then instantly, because I'm a twisted dude sometimes, I think of Otto & George, probably the filthiest of a "team," and still remember their talking of JFK and George's reenactment of JFK's assassination.

So where am I going with this blog?  Oh hell, I don't know.  All I do know is that yesterday, thanks to having my satellite radio, I got a really good laugh from a comedy sketch that is nearly 70 years old, and as much as when I hear the number "Eighty-eight" I instantly think "Red Ball freight," the phrase "I don't know" always kicks in a "Third base!"

That's it for this one!  I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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July 28, 2007

What's New? A Movie Review of "The Simpsons Movie."

For this review of "The Simpsons Movie," The Dude on the Right was reminded why he liked the TV show so much and that he has to put it back on his TiVo Season Pass. He also found a lot of funny moments during the film, was a little creeped out at Homer and Spider-Pig (did you know that there was actually a Marvel comic called Spider-Ham?), and can't figure out why people didn't laugh, or at least groan, when Homer was stuck between a rock and a hard place. If you do take your kids, though, you might have to explain a thing or two, like why Ned Flanders was being thankful for a "bountiful penis."

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July 26, 2007

What's New? A Podcast of: A Song for Mom, Stu Gotz is Why I'm Fat, and R.I.P. Weekly World News.

For this podcast The Dude on the Right sings a song for his mom, whose birthday is today, and without that happening, well, The Dude wouldn't be here and wouldn't be able to sing his song. He is also blaming Stu Gotz for his not being able to lose weight, and is sad that the "Weekly World News" is ceasing publication next week, even though he hasn't bought a copy in years. He sort of hopes Lindsay Lohan shows up on his doorstep, and is also sad because he thinks his hometown has so much potential but doesn't seem to want to work it.

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July 24, 2007

Dear Lindsay Lohan, I Can Help With "That's What Friends are For" if You Want.

By: The Dude on the Right
At first I was going to type a quick blog about my trip to the old country, Lorain, OH, and how it might as well be called the old country because most everything seems old there, but sadly not in a historic nature, rather in a dilapidated nature. The newest thing there seems to be “The Black River Landing” which actually looks nice, but sadly you have to drive through dilapidatedness to get there. The thing is, after I thought about my trip to the old country, there was nothing blog-quick about it because topics like “An Unpolished Jewel,” “A Big House That Wasn’t So Big,” “A Lazy Squirrel,” “A Casino Would Give Me Something to Do,” and “Asphalt Can Be Your Friend” need a little bit more effort to write than I am willing to put forth this evening. And, oh yea, there would also be my revisiting a previous blog titled “My Hometown Slogan Should Be: Visit Lorain – It’s Like Driving on the Moon!” because, well, you can still get that experience. But today I returned to Illinois from Lorain and an overpass even welcomed me back, and as much as my hometown might have entered my writing thoughts, there was something, or should I say someone, whose troubles are more important than those of a city.

That someone is Lindsay Lohan.

The stories are storying, the rumors are rumoring, but it seems Lindsay Lohan’s stint at rehab didn’t take, that pretty much fresh out of rehab she was driving while intoxicated and that there was some white powder on her person that is supposed to be cocaine. And what makes me sad is that as much as she most likely has some addiction issues, I just wonder if she has any real friends to truly be there for her.

As the story hit today some tabloids kept tabloiding about how she didn’t take rehab seriously and got stuff smuggled in (if true, that’s not rehab and she should get her money back), her assistant supposedly quit and Lindsay was chasing her mother in her car (which led to her latest arrest), but everything that seems to be missing, in every story, is anyone really seeming to give a damn about her. You’ve got a publicist spinning things, experts spouting about how being young and famous, with money, gets you in trouble, but for every story about things like this happening to Hollywood celebrities you never see them having any “real” friends, those kind of friends that would beat the crap out of you, grab your keys, and not let you chase the mother of your assistant, in their car. Those friends that would pour out half of your drink while you weren’t looking so you wouldn’t get absolutely blitzed. Those friends, who, in the middle of the night, if you called them and said you needed a ride home, would be there (unless they were calling from a donut shop, pretending to be in jail, and you knew they had enough money to take the El).

I had almost six hours driving back from the old country today, and for whatever bizarre reason, after hearing how Lindsay got popped for being a screw-up again, I wondered what I would do if she showed up at my door facing what she is facing right now. I suppose I would let her into the dude-pad and crash, but more importantly for her, I would introduce her to my network of friends; Friends who were there when I had too much too drink; Friends who were there when I needed advice; Friends who were there when I didn’t want advice; And Friends who were there, because they really are my friends.

My advice to you, Lindsay: Get out of the Thirty Mile Zone, and find real friends. If you want some help on the latter I’ll introduce you to a few of mine, and as long as you aren’t a pretentious bitch, I’d bet some of my friends might actually get along with you, and be there for you, when life gets fucked up.

Because that’s what friends do.

Maybe in a couple of days I'll write about a lazy squirrel.  He, or she, actually seems to have other inspirations. I'll bet for him, or her, it's all about nuts, and TMZ doesn't matter.

That's it for this one!  I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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July 22, 2007

What's New? A Movie Review of "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry."

For this movie review of "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" The Dude on the Right was too busy worried what his niece was thinking rather than just enjoying the movie. There's a lot of sex jokes, some naked butts, boobs getting felt up, and, oh yea, you're also supposed to learn a thing or two about social tolerance. If you're an Uncle, take your nephew.

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July 20, 2007

Oh, I Hope She Chooses "Hairspray."

By: The Dude on the Right
With the web site redesign complete (although there is one problem I recently found that will have to wait to get fixed until I get back to my main office), and my spending some quality time with the family, I thought I would try to get some stuff done for the web site but for now that is being limited to catching up on the 40 odd movie previews I want to finish up. As of now I’m about a quarter of the way complete with that project, but thought I would at least throw out a quick blog so you know I haven’t deserted you, the avid reader, just that the new stuff being posted might not show up on the home page.

I am hoping to drag my niece to a movie tomorrow, either “Hairspray” or “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” (I’m hoping she chooses “Hairspray” because that John Travolta as a large woman is so hot. I mean, why would I want to see Jessica Biel after all) mostly because there don’t seem to be any good horror films out, so tomorrow night or Sunday I might actually be able to get something even more current posted.

Some obvious new stuff should be posted soon, maybe even a weekend wrap-up podcast, but than again maybe not. The easiest way to always keep abreast is to use our RSS feed to subscribe to the site, and that’s what these buttons --->  Add to Google  Subscribe in NewsGator Online towards the top of our web pages are for, if you ever wondered.

That's it for this one!  I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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July 16, 2007

What's New? A Podcast of: Stu & The Dude's Weekend Wrap-Up! An RV, Not Running Drugs, and Harry Potter.

For this episode of "Stu & The Dude's Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast, Stu Gotz made it back from Arizona with the Gotz family RV. It took him a little longer to get back, saw a giant cross, got pulled over but wasn't running drugs, and noticed that Missouri seems to have the most adult book stores of any state in the Union. The Dude on the Right is boring, just saw "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," walked, and watched NASCAR. Stu Gotz is so much more exciting sometimes, and even gifted The Dude with some family made zucchini bread.

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July 15, 2007

What's New? A Movie Review of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

For this movie review of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," The Dude on the Right really should start reading those Harry Potter books that he has already bought so maybe he would understand, before going into the movie, that the innocence of youth in the Hogwarts' world is gone, and the franchise is now about the drama. He did like the movie, but really hopes Nymphdora Tonks (Natalia Tena) didn't die because he finds her attractive, and hopes she has a larger role, or at a least a role, in the "Half-Blood Prince" movie. Maybe he should just read the book and find out.

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A Pouty Boy, and No Pictures of "Team Pink" Girl.

By: The Dude on the Right
Today was a nice day in Chicago-land, and as I like to do on weekends I went for a walk in a local forest preserve.  It was an incident at the start of the walk that for most of the rest of the time I wondered about something - Did I ever do something like that when I was about five or six years old?

You see, as I started upon the trail I saw up ahead a little boy, on a little bike, trailing behind mom.  Then, for whatever reason, the boy, I would gauge about five or six years old, got off his bike, threw it to the ground, and proceeded to sit himself down in the grassy area next to the path, crossing his arms and legs and with a look of defiance of "I am not going on a bike ride today."  Mom quickly stopped, looked back at, I'm assuming it was her son, seemingly perplexed by the actions of her son, and at times like these I sort of wish I didn't have my music playing during my walk, drowning out the ambient noise around me, so I could fake needing to tie my shoes and see how mom planned on diplomatically resolving the situation at hand, to get Skippy back on the bike, or if she would just get all nuts saying something like "Get the hell back on your bike and start riding.  You're the one who wanted to go for a bike ride in the first place, so dammit, get riding," and which I would just have probably died with laughter if the kid retorted back, "But Mom, I'm Jesus Christ."

But, with music playing, I just walked on, and began to wonder if I had ever done anything like that when I was a child.  Did I ever just sit down and pout, and then I took out the pouting part because I'm 100% sure I have pouted as a youngin' (hell, I've probably pouted as an oldin', too).  It was the entire package of the little boy that was classic, from the slamming down of the bicycle, to the sitting down with crossed arms and legs, to that perfect face, and I almost wished I could have captured that on my iPhone.  Instead, I took these couple of pictures of the prairie that is my weekend walking location.

Now the entire walk wasn't just about wondering how I acted as a boy, as I was walking I was passed up by a member of "Team Pink."  She was tan, she was thin, she had long, black hair, and I know she was a member of "Team Pink" because she was wearing shorts with it spelled across her ass, and for an instant I really wished I was in better shape so I could maybe run with "Team Pink" girl, but for now walking is my speed and it was back to my recollections of being a little kid.  I remembered a moment I had run outside naked, I remembered the bunk beds my brother and I had in our bedroom, I remembered being a member of "The Fonz Club," and kept seeing in my head little pouty boy, and kept convincing myself I was never like that.

With the music playing in my head, and me heading back to the dude-mobile, I was getting over my "how was I when I was a little kid" thoughts, and then, passing me up again was "Team Pink" girl and it occurred to me, "Why am I taking pictures of the prairie when I could be taking pictures of "Team Pink" girl."  Sadly, though, she's a pretty fast jogger and before I could get my iPhone out of pocket, she was too far away.  "Goodbye 'Team Pink' girl."

And so, on today's walk, I recollected that I was a perfect angel as a little boy, and would never had slammed my bike down, mostly because I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was like eight or ten years old, and the next time I'm going for a walk, and "Team Pink" girl passes me up, I better have the camera ready for when she comes back around.

That's it for this one!  I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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July 12, 2007

What's New? A Podcast of: Enlarged Bladders, Stu Gotz is a Duck, and Do U Have a Crush on Obama or R U Hott 4 Hill?

On the eve of Friday the 13th, for this podcast, The Dude on the Right had the piss scared back into him thanks to Stu Gotz being a duck, and having a full bladder always makes him think of Jeff Probst. But that isn't what is really concerning him. Sure, The Dude also worries about Kelly Clarkson, but he really hopes the Hott 4 Hill girl is bisexual, and rather than Hill being part of the threesome, well, Hott 4 Hill and Obama Girl will get together with him, The Dude on the Right, make a video, and then The Dude on the Right would have enough funds to run for President, or at least just have a lot of fun. The Dude sometimes dreams too much.

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July 11, 2007

Just Remember: Eighty-Eight, Red-Ball Freight.

By: The Dude on the Right
Sometimes I feel like I am one of Pavlov's dogs.  You might remember the story of Pavlov and his dogs, where he did some experiments with dogs getting them to salivate at only the sound they might be getting food, or at least something like that.  The problem for me is it seems almost forever I've been doing this, but now that it is summertime my infliction is worse.  You see, and I know where it comes from, but every time I hear the phrase "eighty-eight," I instantly respond either out loud, under my breath, or just in my head, "Red-Ball Freight."  Sadly, it being the summer, a lot of our high temperatures lately are 88 degrees, to which I simply say, "Red-Ball Freight."

The thing for me is that it doesn't matter where it occurs:  It can be on the TV where Jerry Taft or Tom Skilling (weather dudes here in Chicago) say, "The high will be 88," and I say "Red-Ball Freight."  I might be checking our local weather on the radio and Christina Filiaggi might say "The high tomorrow, 88," and I say "Red-Ball Freight."  And even worse, here in Chicagoland we actually have an Interstate 88, which has thankfully been renamed "The Reagan Tollway," so now when I check traffic at least most of the time they don't call it "I-88" anymore, and I don't have to say "Red-Ball Freight" anymore.  "Eighty-eight" is in my head, and at every instance, my response is "Red-Ball Freight."

The thing is that for the longest time I couldn't remember exactly where this affliction came from, although I knew it had something to do with a poem, from somewhere around, my best guess, fifth of sixth grade.  I would drive friends crazy as I instantly said "Red-Ball Freight," my secretary thought I was completely a lunatic, especially during the summer, and I even sent an e-mail to a school teacher who quoted "eighty-eight, red ball freight" as an example of a rhyme on her internet page.  She actually wrote me back and mentioned she remembered it was from a poem, but sadly never got back to me as to its origin, my guess because she, too, thought I was nuts.

Then the day came when I found it, of course, on the internet, and it turns out the rhyme came from a poem called "The Crossing," by Philip Booth, and along with the simple line of "eighty-eight, red-ball freight" which has been the source of my eighty-eight nuttiness for low these many years, the poem is also filled with many other rhymes, all about watching a train go by at a crossing gate, with the many different freight cars being pulled along.

I always thought when I finally found out the origin of my nuttiness my Pavlov response to "eighty-eight" would finally come to a stop, but sadly, I found the poem a couple of years ago, and since it has been a slightly warmer summer than normal, "eighty-eight" comes about in just about every weather forecast these days, and I just keep saying "Red-Ball Freight."  I guess Pavlov was right.  The lucky thing, though, is that after rediscovering "The Crossing," I just thank God there isn't much talk of "Hiawatha" here, because if "Eighty-eight, Red-Ball Freight" weren't bad enough, now when I hear "Hiawatha" I am now spouting "Lackawanna, rolling fast and loose, ninety-seven, coal car, boxcar, caboose."

All I hope for you is that after this blog, anytime you hear the phrase "eighty-eight," you will now instantly think, say, mumble, "Red-Ball Freight." Happy nuttiness, and at least I won't be alone in it!

That's it for this one!  I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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July 10, 2007

What's New? A CD Review of "The Best Damn Thing" from Avril Lavigne.

The Dude on the Right wasn't sure if he would review "The Best Damn Thing" from Avril Lavigne, but since the web re-design is finished, and he doesn't give a crap about the Baseball All-Star Game, tonight seemed to be the perfect time. He also likes the second release from the CD, namely the ballad "When You're Gone," and has always been a fan of teenish, dudette pop. With that he doesn't care about the lawsuit from "The Rubinoos" because he thinks "Girlfriend" is a better song.

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July 9, 2007

What's New? A Podcast of: Stu's Gone, A Missed Opportunity, iPhone Ringtones, and Live Earth.

For this podcast The Dude on the Right is flying solo when normally Stu Gotz would be around. That's alright, he's got things to say, like how he might have missed out on his chance for "Survivor" stardom, he's happy with his iPhone even though he can't (hopefully just a yet thing) have his iPhone yell "It could be. It is!" when The Dude on the Right calls, and wished Melissa Etheridge would have sang some more of her songs during her "Live Earth" performance rather than her preaching how screwed up the world is. He did like Roger Waters and Bon Jovi during the show, though.

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July 7, 2007

What's New? A Movie Review of "License to Wed."

For this movie review of "License to Wed" The Dude on the Right was a bit perturbed when Reverend Frank (Robin Williams) commented that for a man, having a baby would be like pulling your scrotum over your head, when everyone knows it's actually like pulling your bottom lip over your head. He also wasn't that thrilled with the movie, but thinks his sister would like it and has confirmation his buddy Big Bouncer Jimmy liked it. Oh well!

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July 6, 2007

What's New? A Movie Review of "Transformers."

For this movie review of "Transformers" The Dude on the Right liked most of the film, just not the parts where Michael Bay seemed to turn it back into a Michael Bay film. The robots were great, it was actually loads of funny, and he might have just become a Megan Fox stalker. Other than that it also had him flashing back to his college days where the animated "Transformers" helped him and his friends unwind from a grueling week of classes to get ready for the weekend.

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July 4, 2007

A Quick "Transformers" Review, and Michael Medved Should be Chastising His Friend.

By: The Dude on the Right
So on Monday evening myself, Stu Gotz, and some other members of the Entertainment Ave! staff (including The Mystery Dude who is still pissed because I didn't mention him in my last Roger Waters' review even though he was the one who got me the ticket) went to see "Transformers" at an early screening in a Chicago suburb.  My full review will be coming soon, but quickly, I really liked the movie, found it very funny, agree with Stu that it's a solid PG-13 with a lot of violence and sexual innuendo so keep that in mind in terms of bringing your kids, but I didn't care for the finale fight scene because it became to "Michael Bay"-ish, with too many "slow-motion" scenes," to much "we are now at war," and if they just did the fight scene in real time they probably could have trimmed about 5 minutes from the film.  Really good film, great effects, and Megan Fox is smokin' hot.  Like I wrote, my full review comes at a later date - hell, I might actually see it again before I review it because my local gigaplex has it in Digital Projection which this movie is sort of made for.

But anyway, then came Tuesday.

I'm driving around in the dude-mobile and since it is the week of The 4th of July a lot of the radio folks I would listen to are on vacation.  With that comes a lot of channel hopping, and somehow AM 560, WIND here in Chicago, was still programmed on my radio.  I landed on it somewhere in the host's discussion about his seeing "Transformers" with a friend of his, and said friend brought his 10 year old son.  Turns out the host was Michael Medved, whose website says "Michael Medved is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host, best-selling author and veteran film critic."  While listening I did not realize Mr. Medved was a "veteran film critic," but as he's talking about the movie he mentions that he never grew up with the animated "Transformers" and kept calling "Bumblebee," one of the Autobots, "Butterfly."  I let that go because that's a mistake you can make if you aren't a fan, hell, they both start with the letter "B."  But then he started on a slight rant about how "Transformers" seemed a little adult for its rating, even stating that with some of the sexual innuendos going on, well, maybe the movie should have been given the next rating up.  I did a double take at the radio in my car (yes, I actually looked at the radio in my car, looked away, then looked again), and said, out loud, to my radio, "You wanted this movie rated 'R'?"  He then mentioned that because of some of the content in the movie they would have to "cover the ears" of the 10 year old that was brought along, and seemed surprised "Transformers" was rated PG.  I actually started yelling, again at my radio, that "the movie is rated PG-13.  What the hell are you talking about?"  And as he was finishing up his segment I sort of wished I wasn't in my car so I could find his phone number, or at least that the radio folks would announce it, so I could call him, and inform him, that the movie was rated PG-13, and rather than admonish the filmmakers for the content, maybe his buddy should have paid more attention and not brought his son to a movie that the MPAA says is "Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action violence, brief sexual humor, and language."

Still a little flabbergasted at such a huge mistake about the movie rating I lasted through his commercial break, and Michael Medved came back on, stating that he had to admit he was wrong, that the phone lines lit up, and I said "Phew, he's going to now state the movie was rated PG-13."  Nope, no correction on that one, it seems the phone lines lit up to correct him that the yellow Autobot that is a Camaro is "Bumblebee," and not "Butterfly."  He then went on to something about the immigration reform that still isn't happening, and I just couldn't listen anymore because conservative talk shows aren't my cup of tea.

Now, I might have given a slight pass to Mr. Medved and his stating "Transformers" was rated PG, but that was until the fact I found about he is one, a "veteran film critic," but worse, still doing movie reviews.  He was right, that maybe his friend who brought the 10 year old might have to cover the kid's ears, or maybe even his eyes, during the movie, but rather than blasting the rating of the movie, which he was totally wrong in stating, maybe Mr. Medved should have been blasting his friend for not paying attention to the rating of the movie and being a bad parent.  Hell, even The Mystery Dude, who has two kids, both under 13, said he was sort of happy to see the movie without them so he could decide if they could see it.  I'm stating here that The Mystery Dude is a good parent while Michael Medved's friend might want to pay a little more attention to movie ratings.

Again I've gotten too winded in a blog, but when a "veteran film critic," although according to Wikipedia, Roger Ebert has stated "he is 'a political commentator and no longer a film critic.'" (and I agree), can't get a movie rating correct, it's actually a disservice to people.  I'm not perfect and I make mistakes.  Michael Medved isn't perfect and he makes mistakes.  What almost made me sad, and I don't have all of his phone logs, was that his listeners didn't correct Michael on his movie rating mistake, they just wanted people to know the Camaro was "Bumblebee," and not "Butterfly."  I guess it seems none of his conservative listeners that called in cared about the kids.  I will give this disclaimer that maybe, somewhere, during the rest of his show on Tuesday, he corrected the movie rating of "Transformers," but folks like Michael Medved make me want to state in my bio that I am a "Worldwide Podcast Host, Veteran Movie Critic, and The Best Concert Photographer Ever."

By the way, again, "Transfomers" is rated PG-13.  Be a parent.  If your kids want to see the movie, and for God's, Christ's, or just Goodness sake, pay attention to the MPAA ratings.  Whatever you do, don't listen to Michael Medved about "Transformers."  He thought it was rated "PG."

That's it for this one!  I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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July 3, 2007

What's New? Stu & The Dude's Weekend Wrap-Up Podcast: So Much to Say that it's in Two Parts.

For this episode of "Stu & The Dude's Weekend Wrap-Up!" Podcast, Stu Gotz and The Dude on the Right just can't stop talking. The Dude on the Right has his normal entertainment stuff on which to comment so the two of them consolidate entertainment to "Part 1 of the Podcast." Part 1 gives insight into getting an iPhone, the latest movies like "Live Free or Die Hard" and "Ratatouille," and a lady and her Jaguar. Part 2 of the podcast lets Stu run wild with his weekend like how he gave Mama Gotz a challenge about an RV so now Stu might be heading to Arizona, his advice on where not to put photos of your old girlfriend, and Baptism invite etiquette.

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July 1, 2007

I'm Cool Again, or Maybe Just a Dork. But I Have an iPhone!

By: The Dude on the Right
In case you were looking for my iPhone purchasing woes in a blog yesterday, I have to apologize because I never got around to one. That’s because I was playing with my new iPhone! Yup, I was only not cool for about 14 hours, although, had I just gone to the Apple store on Friday evening after my misgivings at two AT&T stores, I would have been cool sooner.

When I wrote about my inabilities to get an iPhone on the Friday launch date, the option to sign up for AT&T’s "direct fulfillment program" didn’t seem like the best option for me, even though I did have a comment for that blog saying I should have signed up for it. My problem is my obsessive nature, and once I had it in my mind I was going to buy one, signing up for a program that didn’t tell me when I would actually get the phone wasn’t going to cut it. By the time Friday evening came along I had done some homework, read many rumors (i.e. all stores selling the phone would get another shipment on Saturday, although I have had no reason to confirm if the AT&T stores did get a shipment on Saturday because I already had my phone so didn’t need to check), but I had an Ace up my sleeve, at least I hoped so, to getting an iPhone on Saturday, and that was there are five Apple Stores within an hour of the Dude-Pad. That Ace also had a companion, and that was the Apple website having a section showing iPhone availability for the next day.

After I wrote my blog on Friday night, lamenting on going to bed alone, I planned my Saturday. It would simply start with waking up in the morning around the same time I always do. I would shit, shower, and shave, and then head down to my computer. I would go to the Apple website, check the availability area and if it showed the iPhone would be available, for sale at 9AM as the website pronounced, I would hop in the Dude-mobile, head to the closest Apple Store that showed it had them, and hope for the best. I checked the website, it said my closest store still had them, and so I skipped my morning paper reading and headed to the mall. The tricky part was that I always call my Mom on Saturday mornings, and if push came to shove, calling her would take precedent over getting the phone. I end up at the Apple Store at about 8:50AM and there were already about 25 people in front of me. The only hope of getting the phone before having to call Mom is that unlike folks who were buying the phone at the AT&T store, who might have needed some questions answered, everyone in front of me had that look on their face of "give me an 8 gig, and oh yea, this case."

And as this blog is already starting to get too long let me just say a couple of things to finish this up: First, the Apple folks had a way-impressive force of getting the iPhone sold and out the door, even at 9:00 AM on a Saturday (I can’t imagine what happened Friday evening there which I will discuss with Stu Gotz tomorrow during our "Stu & The Dude’s Weekend Wrap-Up" podcast). Second, with that force I had my iPhone purchased at about 9:07 AM, made it back to the Dude-mobile in time to call my Mom and tell her I bought one, to which she thought I was nuts. Third, the phone is very cool, although I will admit it looks like they just got a lot of functionality completed to get the phone out on time, with the rest of it to come with later software upgrades (the phone doesn’t have real "Ringtone" capability yet, nor, well, some other simple things my old RAZR had).

But yesterday, at about 9:07 AM, I was cool again, or maybe still just a dork.  And the day before I got a free bottle of water just for waiting for an iPhone.

That's it for this one!  I'm The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

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