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May 14, 2006

Podcast Contributors From Around the World, or At Least One, Hopefully, and Will it be "Oprah" or "President."

By: The Dude on the Right
Well, it appears that President Bush really doesn't give a damn about his approval ratings, which have been plummeting lately, because he has scheduled a brief speech for tomorrow evening, Monday, May 15th.  The speech is about things we have already heard or read about, at least if you pay attention to the news, so why he has decided to delay my Monday evening TV watching, I really don't know.  In any case, so far, according to my TIVO box, Fox and NBC have given in and will give the President his do, thereby delaying my switching between "Deal or No Deal" (which is very close to jumping the shark), and "24," but the interesting thing will be for ABC.  Their choice:  "Oprah.  President. Oprah.  President.  Oprah.  President."   My guess is that the ABC folks will call Oprah and ask for her permission to delay her special, because, well, Oprah is always right, and millions of Oprah disciples have already made their party plans.  My other guess is President Bush's next approval ratings will drop a couple of points, especially if Oprah gives the okay to delay her party.  Really, you're a member of the Church of Oprah, have all of your congregation at your humble home, geared up to watch Oprah Winfrey's Legend's Ball, which actually took place a year ago,  complete with recipes direct from Rachael Ray, and there is President Bush talking about Mexicans jumping across our border.  What a downer.  I suppose only tomorrow night will tell.

Presidential politics aside, I saw one great movie this weekend, "Keeping Up With the Steins," and one not-so-fabulous movie, "Just My Luck."  But more important than those things, I think I've also figured out a way to invite listeners to be a part of our podcasts, namely via Instant Messaging.  No, typing IM's back and forth during a podcast would prove pretty boring, but most, if not all IM programs now have talk capability.  I've only messed around with it a little, namely between a couple of computers at home and two different AOL accounts, but it seems to be working.  What I'm asking for now is if anyone out there in internet-land wants to be a guinea pig in my "The Dude on the Right Podcast Contributors From Around the World" experiment.  Okay, that's a pretty long title, but quite simply I'm looking for someone out there in internet-land, at this point with AOL and talk capability, although I think is will also work with Skype, Yahoo, Messenger, and Google Talk, although I haven't tested those yet, wanting to see if you want to be a part of our podcast.  If that's you, I ask you e-mail me at  I'd rather keep the podcast about something simple, like "American Idol" or movies, so also leave a topic you might want to talk about.  There does seem to be some latency issues (delays back and forth, just like those satellite feeds you see on the news), but it might be fun to try.  I'm still looking at a way to accept phone calls, but right now, this looks a hell of a lot easier with a hell of a lot less wires.

May sweeps is wrapping up and summer is upon us.  "Survivor" finishes tonight and if things are right with the world, Terry will win.  "American Idol" fans  booted of Chris so it will interesting to see if there is a ratings backlash, or a Chris voting backlash (I think Elliot might be back in the running to win).  Jack Bauer has almost saved the world again, and with summer should come a new "Big Brother," although "Dancing With the Stars" has moved from a summer guilty pleasure to the normal TV season.  Sadly Beth Ostrosky, Howard Stern's girlfriend, says she has opted out of the next "Dancing..." series.  Oh well, I guess we'll see what the summer TV season will bring, and I'm sure I'll get hooked on something.

Alright, let's wrap up this blog.  If you are interested in being a part of one of our podcasts and have everything hooked up for AOL IM talk capability, e-mail me.  I think the President will win out over Oprah, but we'll see.  Right now I've got to go and fold some laundry and get ready for the "Survivor" finale.  Terry deserves to win, although Cirie would be a funny person to win, especially with her complaining about looking under leaves in the first episode. Alright, enough babbling.  I'm done.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!

Posted by Rightdude at May 14, 2006 7:03 PM


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