Stan and Judy’s Kid

Artist: Adam Sandler
Listenability Scale: 15%
Released by: Warner Bros. Records
A Review by:
The Dude on the Right

I’ve usually liked Adam Sandler. Whether it be his movies or his CD’s, Adam usually gets a laugh out of me, actually, usually, many laughs, and his characters are either stupid enough to laugh at, or I guess stupid enough to feel sorry for in a happy sort of way. Then I picked up “Stan and Judy’s Kid” and I now am not as big a fan of Sandlers as I used to be.

Like his other CD’s “Stan and Judy’s Kid” is a mix of skits and songs, but of the 17 tracks of material I only liked 2, both of them songs, although the ongoing “Cool Guy” skits did teach me a lesson.

Where to start on this CD? Well, I guess I’ll tell you what I liked and this won’t take long. First off there is “Chanukah Song Part II.” Although having heard it before, I always liked the Chanukah Song, in all of it’s versions, and sometimes it even makes me wish sometimes that I were a Jew rather than in the group of O.J., who’s still not a Jew. A new list of Jewish folks, the same melody, and I’m still singing along. And secondly, the other thing I liked on the CD was the song “She Comes Home to Me.” It’s a crooner song, kinda like Sinatra but with lyrics I doubt he’d touch with a ten foot pole. Let’s just say that the dude’s love is a highly paid whore who’ll “go down on a yack, lick a horse’s nut sack,” and I think that’s as far as I need to go about that song. I laughed my ass off for that one.

But then there is the rest of the CD. Most of it has Adam in a goofy voice, telling stories that aren’t really funny. For “Hot Water Burn Baby” Adam’s in his little kid voice with a story getting to how hot water burns a baby, with a twisted ending, “The Psychotic Legend of Uncle Donnie” has people getting killed with a boat propeller, and “Whitey” is a sixteen minute story of a dude in a mall. The ongoing skit for the CD is “Cool Guy,” done in five parts, basically with the moral of the story being you shouldn’t give your penis a name, such a tallywhacker, or at least don’t tell the girl you’re trying to score with it’s name. It will never work out.

I guess I was hoping for more from Adam Sandler. I know he can be funny, but sadly “Stan and Judy’s Kid” wasn’t. In the end I can only give the CD a 15% on the listenability scale. I tried to listen to it a couple of times but just kept hitting the fast forward button to get to “She Comes Home to Me” and “Chanukah Song Part II.” I’d say go and buy it for “She Comes Home to Me” alone, but I don’t think that one song is worth the fifteen bucks. Oh well.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!