Moon, Not Banana

Artist: Cathy Richardson
Listenability Scale: 95%
Released by: Cash Rich Records
A Review by:
The Dude on the Right

The first time I heard Cathy Richardson was on WLUP, a local radio station here in Chicago. I said to myself, “Self, she’s pretty good.” Then I went out and bought her CD, “Moon, not Banana.” It was her first CD, put out in 1993, and boy was I surprised. Not only was she good, but I had a new favorite artist.

I really kinda expected a garage-type band, not really polished, not really that good, but as the first song played, “Bad Example,” I was shocked and/or astounded. Not only was the sound professional, the lyrics were sharp, the band was solid, and I wondered why I haven’t heard her before. Another very talented artist who really hasn’t been noticed by the masses.

So, I decided to quit playing Doom, cracked open a cold one, turned my stereo up a few more notches, and listened some more.

What I heard was this mix of bluesy-rock. What the hell is bluesy-rock? Well, I don’t know either, it just kinda sounds good. I guess you could really say it’s kinda rock-and-roll, with a more blues edge. I also heard a mix of some solid up-beat songs, “Bad Example,” for example, some tender ballads, “Over the Miles,” for example, and fun little numbers, “Drink, Drink, Drink” for example.

Now, most of the songs were written by Cathy herself, with some collaboration by Jim Peterik, among others. I will say that sometimes the lyrics aren’t the deepest of things, like the line “I’m wanna drink ’til I puke, and I fall on my face, and let the big, fat bouncers drag me out of the place.” But hey, it’s catchy, and who says all things need to be serious. But, then again, there are the deeper lyrics, like on “Over the Miles,” a lovely little ballad which really should have been a hit. “And the wind becomes your whisper, and the sunlight sends your smile, over the miles.” It’s touching, the tune kinda makes you want to cry, well, at least us sensitive 90’s guys, and I really like it.

I give “Moon, not Banana” a 95% on the Entertainment Ave! listenability scale. I recommend it, yep, I do. And, for those of you outside of Chicago, you might have a hard time finding this CD, but if you like some fun rock-and-roll, a sad song or two, and just some great singing, pick up “Moon, not Banana.” It’s a great CD from my new favorite artist, Cathy Richardson. And if you can’t find it, e-mail me and I’ll get the information to you on how to get a hold of it.!!!