Calling All Stations

Artist: Genesis
Listenability Scale: 15%
Released by: Atlantic Records A Review by:
The Dude on the Right

Why does it seem that Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford just tried to capitalize on the Genesis name? Yes, I know Genesis has gone through many metamorphoses, but this one seems to be the proverbial straw that doomed a great band. They obviously weren’t paying attention to how Journey and Styx were resurrecting their careers (please don’t lambaste me for comparing Journey and Styx to Genesis, I know they are totally different beasts, but Journey and Styx found that they could still make music bringing in lead singers that sounded incredibly like the original dudes) because this CD came out and you heard nothing about them. Song-wise, my secretary said they all sounded the same, and all sounded dreadful and boring. I wasn’t swept away by anything either. Maybe they were trying to re-invent themselves, maybe they thought calling themselves “Genesis” was the easy way to make people find them, but nothing on this CD brought back either the popish side with Phil Collins or the weirder side with Peter Gabriel. This one’s a 15% on the Entertainment Ave! listenability scale. Maybe hard-core fans of Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford will like it, but I didn’t.

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