“Survivor” Was Great, but Why Are We Doing a Podcast?


The Dude on the Right.

Again I give myself dilemmas.  It’s bad enough I’m already getting sucked
into the fall television season, with my already being pretty much hooked on "The
Biggest Loser
" and "Survivor,"
but I know the new seasons of everything else I like are coming up quickly. 
Then I started questioning just why in the hell am I really starting a podcast. 
I mean, what’s really the point.  I have the website, I have this blog, and
now it seems I’m just being redundant with the podcast thing.  But I’ve got
something to say, and it’s a place to say it, so for now I’m going to just go
with the flow, and maybe figure a way all of the things can meld together in a
really coherent way.

The weather is finally a little better here in the Chicago area, although
it’s supposed to warm up again next week, but we’ll see how that goes. 
I’ve got movie dilemmas, choosing between "Lord
of War
" or "Just
Like Heaven,
" there’s the Bears game on Sunday afternoon eating into my
movie-watching time, I’m covering
My Chemical Romance
Sunday night, and I still haven’t seen the damn penguin movie although everyone
says it is incredible.  That, and I’m heading back to the old country,
alright, just Ohio, next weekend, so we’ll see how all of that plays into things
as the upcoming week comes along.

I did do another
so use the highlighted link to get there because I’m still trying to figure the
best way/placing of our podcast link on our pages.  Tomorrow, though, I’m
thinking all of these dilemmas will be history, because I’ll have $250 million
dollars to work with to solve them because I have the winning Mega Millions
ticket in my pocket!

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!