Did You Watch All of the Academy Awards?

Did you watch all of the Academy Awards?

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With another Oscar season over, and some of the complainers spouting how it was the night for Hollywood to say “Look how important we are!”, it was also a night of consistently one of the most watched television events. A lot of people watch their TV’s wondering who some of the nominees are, many have never heard of the films that are either nominated, or win for that matter, yet, for some reason, every year, we gather around our televisions, and this year we might have gathered around our handheld devices because ABC was streaming the Academy Awards to their app, as long as you actually subscribe to a specific cable provider, which I find bassakward because really, don’t you want as many eyes as possible watching so you can shove commercials down people’s eyeballs?

As it is, though, we watch. We get sucked into the red carpet, we wake up the next morning wondering who won, and then don’t really care, and the marketing blitz hits for those “non-mainstream” movies that win big, as now it’s a movie you “must” see because the people that rate Hollywood found it important.

Some years I make it all the way through the telecast, commenting like many of you, and some years I fall asleep. I can’t remember, though, any year I’ve never actually just skipped watching the Oscars altogether. As I type this the jury is still out if I will keep my eyes open this year, but I wonder: Did you watch all of the Academy Awards?

That’s it for this one! I’m Andy!! L8R!!!