2008: What a Strange Year It’s Already Been


The Dude on the Right

2008 is only 10 days in and it’s already looking to be a weird year on both a
family front as well as with the world in general. 

With this podcast
I leave out the family and concentrate on the world.

just 10 days we have seen enough Britney Spears’ news to last us the remaining
356 days, and her news even included Dr. Phil. The writer’s strike is quickly
crippling the award season, with the next casualty being The Golden Globes
telecast on Sunday, and the even bigger and more money-affecting decimation
being The Academy Awards if an agreement can’t be reached by then.

On the
election front, for me, I’m wondering if as many people in the rest of the
country are starting to get as confused as I am as to how Iowa and New Hampshire
should be the be-all and end-all to some Presidential campaigns, and then, on
the music front, suddenly all of the stars have become mis-aligned because Sony
BMG will be getting rid of copy protection on the music/mp3s it lets Amazon
sell, but what is up with Apple and their iTunes, you know, the people that
worked to actually save the recording industry in the first place?  Sure,
trying to save the record people helped Apple sell a buttload of iPods, but
suddenly some people were actually paying for music.

And lastly, the one show
I am looking for this Spring television season is "Survivor: Micronesia," and I
have 9 reasons to watch.  I suppose there are actually 11 reasons because
along with hiring a nanny, Ami’s link includes two more:
Two reasons are at this link:


Two more reasons are at this link:


And yet two more reasons are at this link:


Two smaller reasons are here:


And I always wanted to hire a nanny (and there are two more reasons, for a total
of three):


That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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