Did You Try to Watch the MTV VMA’s Online?

So it’s a Sunday night, and I find myself not being able to watch MTV on TV and remember it’s the night of the VMA’s. That’s right, the Video Music Awards. What am I to do? How am I to catch the likes of a Lady Gaga, a Katy Perry, a rumored *nsync reunion complete with Justin Timberlake? As I have a decent internet connection I do some quick online searching and every news story seems to say that MTV will have a live stream of the VMA’s, and I thought, “Sweet! I’ll just watch the show online!” I head to the MTV.com site, there is some kind of All Access feed, and I’m ready for some awards! “Hmm? This is peculiar.”, I think to myself, “Did I click the right feed? All I’m getting are these weird camera views that I could care less about. What the hell is this Stage Manager cam? I don’t care about the audience. Where’s my Gaga?!?!?” I try again. And again. And because I keep thinking I’m clicking something wrong I head back to some of the news stories that had links to the VMA feed. I click. I get the same feed of everything except the actual awards, only in the corner of the video is a view of the awards, but no sound, saying to watch on MTV.

All I can now think is that MTV either screwed up their feed online, or they did a great job of hoodwinking every news outlet, saying they were going to have a live feed of the VMA’s, but not explaining that it won’t actually be a feed of the show, but rather feeds of camera views no one really cares about, unless, of course, Will Smith was caught picking his nose on the Audience cam.

And so it was a night when I realized why I really don’t like MTV any longer. I guess, mostly, it’s because they don’t show music videos like they actually used to, and that they haven’t had a decent TV show in years, but thankfully the company Vevo is starting to take over the video market, and actually show me everything from a Gaga, to Iggy Pop.

The press people for MTV did a great job at getting people to actually go to their site to watch the VMA’s. I’m thinking they also did a great job at pissing off 99% of the people who went to their site actually trying to watch the VMA’s. Either way, I’m plighting: Did you try to Watch the MTV VMA’s Online?

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Fall TV Spectacular, Go Bears, Two Miles or Three, and Katy Perry has Boobs.

By: The Dude on the Right

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Even though Stu Gotz saw “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga”Hoole,” most of this edition of our “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast is about television and the return of the fall season. Yup, I’m all about “Chuck” and its various references to pop culture (Come on, who doesn’t like a Vandelay Industries or Drago from the Rocky movies reference?) as well as “Survivor: Nicaragua,” still cheering on Jimmy Johnson but glad the Shannon dude is gone, meanwhile Stu is nestling back in with “Medium” and “Hawaii 5.0,” sort of, while neither of us are buying into the hype of “The Event.”

Stu is proud of his little Gotz’s as one completed his black belt training and the other was a patient, little lad, and I’m proud of myself, patting me on the back for some cleaning I did on Saturday. And, oh yea, there is some wedding talk, this time about seating arrangements and how easy they are, and talk about Katy Perry and her boobs on Saturday Night Live. Lastly, sort of, Stu is addicted to the internet, and it’s not a porn site for a change – this time it’s some doodle cartoons on YouTube that have caught his fancy, and he tries to rope me in. But I’ll have none of it – I’ve got the Chicago Bears playing the Green Bay Packers on the TV tonight! Go Bears!

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