Kids at a Farm, Disturbing SNL, No Marathon Running for Us, One Last Carnival, and Assburgers.

By: The Dude on the Right

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I wish you could hear the original open for this “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast because it was smooth, perfect, and I hit the post for a very fun Billy Currington song, but sadly there was a computer hiccup that messed up recording the perfect version, and you get this one. Oh well. it is a weekend wrap-up, and neither Stu Gotz nor myself ran in the Chicago Marathon, and that’s probably why both of us are functioning, but Stu wonders about the woman winner of the marathon and the use of these dudes called “Pacers.” He also wonders if Lady Antebellum’s singer blew out her voice, but then realizes it might be Adele and I have to fill Stu in on some Saturday Night Live and some disturbing skits they showed.

With the season of Autumn upon us, Stu had time for one last carnival, and we analyze little kid’s attention spans that I witnessed at Johansen Farms pumpkin patch/corn maze/hay ride/giant slides/petting zoo place in Bolingbrook, IL., and Stu is iffy on a couple of new TV shows.

The Chicago Bears are tonight so we didn’t have Bear talk, but South Park is back and Cartman’s got assburgers. Of course we both laugh.

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That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!