Do You Own a Library Card?

I know this may sound crazy, but I don’t have a library card. Sure, I’m 45 years old, and I’m also wondering how many of you have one, but in a short plight, one of my goals this year is to actually get off my but, go to my local library, and get a library card. I know this might sound crazy, what in this day and age of iPads, Kindles, and Half Price Bookstores, but as I have started reading every now and then, I have also heard how libraries are now offering the ability to “borrow” eBooks, where, for a short period of time you get to “check out” an eBook, kinda like renting a book for your Kindle only it’s free, and then, after a few weeks, they automatically “return” your book to their “shelves” so that the next person can “borrow” the book.

It sounds like an interesting concept, I do wonder why, sometimes I actually buy a Kindle book when I pay good money for it and find out it kind of sucks (And don’t get me started on the “Try a sample” concept where at times I’ve done that only to find that the sample ends maybe one page into the actual book, leaving me to only read a lousy introduction and maybe see who the book was dedicated to.

So, we’ll see how this goal for 2013 goes, and right now when I answer my plight question the “No” box will be clicked, but I’m plighting: Do you own a library card?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!