Loco Motive

Artist: Cowboy Troy
Listenability Scale: 55%
Released by: Warner Bros Records
A Review by:
The Dude on the Right

Yes, I must admit, I was sucked into this CD, Loco Motive, simply with the song “I Play Chicken With the Train,” a rousing testament that somehow country and rap can kinda fuse together if done properly, and trying to do it right is Cowboy Troy, as his web site says, a six foot five black rapping cowboy who is bringing out a new musical style called hick hop. But it’s kind of a weird CD. I’m thinking live is the way to see Cowboy Troy because the CD just falls a little short of lots of what it seems to have been shooting for. Sure, “I Play Chicken With the Train” does exactly what it seems Cowboy Troy was setting out to do, and we can see really put a country feel to more of a rap song, but a lot of songs on here just fall a little flat, namely songs like “Crick In My Neck,” “El Tejano,” and I thought “Ain’t Broke Yet” really tries too hard to country it up when it doesn’t need to.

Now I’m not saying the entire CD isn’t that great, but the highlights seem to come around when Cowboy seems to be having a lot more fun, or raps in a more serious nature. “Wrap Around the World” starts like something you would hear Alabama sing, then into a rapping lesson about all being friends, and even some lessons in various languages around the globe. The other song that really works is “My Last Yeehaw,” and we can really see how the Big & Rich influence helps a ton. And finally “If You Don’t Wanna Love,” a duet with Sarah Buxton, really works, telling the story of a wife in a crappy marriage and a runaway daughter, both of whom just want some love.

At a couple points on this album it just seemed like Cowboy Troy was just trying to be Kid Rock, except with fiddles and steel guitars in the background, and I know that he’s probably trying to be much more. That’s why I’m figuring his live show probably really puts things together, and why some of the songs on Loco Motive really work at what he is doing, while too many of them are just rap with fiddles.

I liked a little over half the album, so that gives it a 55% on the Entertainment Ave! listenability scale. There’s a lot of potential here, I’m just not buying taking a normal rap song that you might here from Will Smith or Run DMC, adding some fiddles to it, and call it hick hop, but I do look forward to seeing Cowboy Troy in concert because I think on a stage even the songs I don’t really care for will work better.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!