A Diving Convention and A Health Fair, The Olympics and Imaginary Bitches, Jerry Taft and Weather!

By: The Dude on the Right

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Jerry TaftBoth Stu Gotz and I attended conventions this weekend, and during this episode of our "Weekend Wrap-Up!" podcast you can find out who had the better experience. Actually both of us seemed to have interesting experiences, with Stu at a diving convention where he did a presentation, helped out a dude who had problem with his own presentation, and then was pissed at said dude with the problem. Me, I met Maxine, the lady from the greeting cards, or at least a real-life representation of her, at a health fair that served hot dogs and pizza.

Various "conferences" aside, the weekend brought us some funky weather (I would like to personally thank weather man extraordinaire, Jerry Taft, who, thanks to being a Facebook friend, both ruined my weekend by telling me there would be no snow day for me today, but made me like a weather man who goes above and beyond to let us know the real weather), and a lot of watching of the Winter Olympics. Stu is now a fan of "Imaginary Bitches," I’m looking forward to "Cop Out," and Stu is sick and tired of being sick and might see a doctor to be less sick. All of that, and more! How do we do it!?!

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