Peace on Earth

Artist: Kitaro
Listenability Scale: 100%
Released by: Domo Records
A Review by:
The Dude on the Right

You know, I really don’t like the whole Christmas time of year. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand the true meaning of Christmas, or at least the general Christian message of the holiday season, me being the good Catholic boy that I am, but between having to spend too much money on people who kinda don’t deserve it, not having that special lady to spend too much money on, dealing with the family arguments that always seem to come up at the holiday table, and seeing how the holiday season is slowly shifting from the message of thankfulness and good-cheer to "I can’t believe you only bought me this," Christmas just doesn’t seem as much fun as when I was a kid. But, in spite of all of this, there is one thing about the holiday season that I do like and that is, or rather are, Christmas Carols, or just those holiday songs in general.

It was while I was pondering the "joy" of facing this years holidays that I popped "Peace on Earth," a new CD from Kitaro, in my CD player. A smile came to my face.

As I sat listening to "Peace on Earth" I think I started to realize why I like the holiday music instead of the holiday. It’s because that whether it’s the comical side of a runaway reindeer, the classic "White Christmas’" of yesteryear, versions sung by high-pitched, squeaky rodents, or a new twist like Kitaro has touched on, the music still holds that message of hope, that message of being thankful, that message of giving, and that message of peace.

Those familiar with the music of Kitaro know that he is one for synthesizer-style music with cool use of percussion and nearly any type of instrument he can find to paint an image with his music. This CD is no different as to his style of music, and for holiday songs Kitaro pulls it off perfectly, but for a twist on his style he adds a great sounding children’s choir to the mix.

Simply put, "Peace on Earth" is now added to my growing list of cool holiday music. It’s not overbearing, but peaceful, and he uses the choir almost as a background to the music he has put his touch on. As for the songs, he recreates the classics from American and European culture. As for the choir, it’s the International Peace Choir, and I like the fact that they come out as innocent and not boisterous. As for the CD, proceeds from it our going to the Earth Communications Office, an organization working on the betterment of the global environment. You can’t go wrong.

After coming back to Chicago from traveling home to the family this Christmas, I’ll probably need a little something to help me remember the meaning of the holiday season. If I’m lucky I’ll walk in the door, the snow will start to fall, I’ll light a fire, gaze out the window and remember what the holiday is about. In the background will probably be "Peace on Earth" from Kitaro. I guess I really won’t need the snow or the fire – all I’ll really need to do is close my eyes and listen. The picture will be the same.

There’s not a song on this CD that I don’t like, or couldn’t listen to again and again this holiday season. There’s 12 tracks, I like them all, and that rates this CD 100% on the E-Ave Listenability Scale.

That’s it for this one, I’m The Dude on the Right! Have a great holiday season! L8R!