Do you shoot off fireworks that are illegal where you live?

Happy 4th of July! The day we celebrate our independence, the day dogs hate the most thanks to fireworks, and the day before we will hear stories about people who blew off various body parts or maybe lost an eye, fires that started because of a wayward bottle rocket, and people not getting arrested for having illegal fireworks.

Me, I do like a good fireworks display, and I remember being a little kid and being able to buy cooler fireworks, you know, the bottle rockets, roman candles, and larger rockets, in Ohio, that was as long as you signed a piece of paper that said you were going to take them out of state to shoot off. “Yea, that’s right. We’re taking them out of state.”

Fireworks rules are pretty stupid, now, I suppose, what with various states having them legal, others having them banned, others with the “taking them out of state” law, and people rarely being arrested or charged with having them, especially if they shoot them off near the 4th. Here in Chicago you hear of tons of stories of people hopping across the border to Indiana to places like Phantom Fireworks, Krazy Kaplans, and Uncle Sam’s, and every now and then the occasional story of Illinois police watching for people crossing the border to buy fireworks, then bringing them back to Illinois, only to have their 4th of July celebration ruined by the police sting.

Sure, you can buy some cheesy fireworks at the local store most of the time. You know the kind, the black block that turns into a snake, the lame sparkler that is two inches long instead of the ones that are about two feet, and the things that spins around like a flying saucer, but there is something rebellious about shooting off fireworks you aren’t supposed to, and I suppose for this 4th of July I just suggest you all be safe out there, and don’t look down the tube of a firework that didn’t go off.

But for this plight, as we’re getting ready to put Milo’s Thundershirt for the day, I wonder: Do you shoot off fireworks that are illegal where you live?

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Happy Birthday America, Beastly is Bad, Whitey’s is Good, Burn Notice is Back and Everyone Loves a Parade!

By: The Dude on the Right

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As a founding member of T.G.A., I explain to Stu Gotz during our "Weekend Wrap-up!" podcast that I am due some sanctions for missing the latest "Transformers" movie, especially when it was in lieu of driving to Moline, IL, in search of ice cream at Whitey’s and then finding some good ribs at "Jim’s Rib Haven" in nearby Quad City, Rock Island. Stu, happily, still has all of his digits after the 4th of July weekend, probably because he let the professionals set off the fireworks, and also controlling himself from getting into any altercations with White Sox fans during a Crosstown Classic game at Wrigley Field. I saw a small-time looking parade in a city that isn’t small-time, Stu is happy that "Burn Notice" is back, I’m sad that " Men of a Certain Age" is almost over for the summer, and Stu saw some movies that are old – but at least from the 2000’s, and doesn’t recommend "Beastly," at all.

Hopefully all of you have all of your digits left and your hearing is able to listen to our podcast, because even with all of this, somehow we also talk about more!

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Get a Gun, A Death, No More 3D, DisneyQuest Blahs, and Please Keep Your Fingers.

By: The Dude on the Right

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I cleaned my balls over the weekend and during this episode of our “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast Stu Gotz makes fun of me for it. I, though, don’t make fun of Stu for going to DisneyQuest over the weekend with the family, especially since it seems DisneyQuest is mostly resting on its laurels and might need an upgrade. Stu was bummed he didn’t go to the new Harry Potter thingy down there in Florida, but after some comments from some other travelers he thinks DisneyQuest might have actually been the better choice.

Me, I’m also in mourning with the passing of one of my TiVo’s, especially with its dying thanks to Paul Conrad of WGN and Eric Ferguson or WTMX here in Chicago. Guess it’s another thing to add to the wedding registry, especially if someone will also pick up the lifetime subscription, but I love my TiVo. I hope I get into afternoon soon.

The both of us saw “Toy Story 3” and breakdown the movie as well as if you should ever see a movie in 3D anymore, Stu and I talk about the plethora of movie choices this 4th of July weekend, (The Last Airbender, Twilight Eclipse, Despicable Me, and Predators), and here’s wishing all of you a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!

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