Almost ready to start our podcast – Never the easy way.


The Dude on the Right

Today has been a busy day where, at the end of the day, I’m not really sure how
much I really got done.  For some reason I figure we need to do a podcast. 
Hell, everyone else is doing one, why not us.  So I spent a lot of the last
few days trying to figure out the best way to get this up and running.  I
wanted to use my blogging software to set up the podcast area, so that was an
issue in itself, especially since I can’t seem to upgrade to the new version and
that still has me twisted because if there’s a newer version of software, I
think I should have it, even if it causes trouble.  Hell, I spent Saturday
trying to get my iPod software to work again (Apple introduced version 5, which
seems to have some bugs in it), but finally, after way too much time, my iPod is
working again, and as of this evening, I think I have the podcast templates
almost okay for the podcast area I’m planning on setting up.  The rest of
today was trying to find software that would allow me to record my podcast with
a real-time, going in my headphones audio, because I plan to incorporate
audio/music/other clips into the podcast as I record it, so it would be really
helpful if I could hear everything I am trying to record at the same time I am
talking.  Anyway, I think I might have found my initial software, made by a
company called Acoustica,
but they only give a seven day trial download, so I suppose I have to figure out
quickly if it will be my podcast software of choice for awhile, and such are my
issues, as well as already getting sucked into "The Biggest Loser" when it was
on TV yesterday.  And then
starts tomorrow (thank God President Bush scheduled his speech for 8PM CDT,
because he would have lost another notch in my popularity poll had he
interrupted the Survivor premier.)  Anyway, my initial plan is sort of like
recording my own five to fifteen minute podcast on the internet, at least for
now, either just doing a review of a concert or movie I saw, or just some other
crap I can think to talk about.

Alright, this is dragging on to long.  Right now our podcast site is at
, the first podcast is simply a test with
a review of the movie "Crash", but eventually there should be a link to be able
to subscribe to it, at least, hopefully in the next day or so, or at least by
the end of the weekend.  Those out there say podcasts are easy to
do/set-up, and maybe, sometimes they are, but I like to make things a little
more polished, or maybe a little more Polish (at least staying with my
nationality), and in any case, that makes it a little more difficult.

In any case, if the podcast thing isn’t working yet, I apologize.  Give
me a few days to get things clicking, and I thank you always for your support.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!