>What’s New? A Movie Review of: Quantum of Solace

Dude on the Right liked the fact that "Casino Royale" became a little more like
"The Bourne Identity" franchise, but now he thinks the James Bond folks took

"Quantum of Solace" to an action level even the "Bourne" franchise doesn’t try
to achieve. In any case he gives his movie review,
likes Daniel Craig as
James Bond, thinks Olga Kurylenko is hot as Camille, but in his mind, the hottie
factor is kind of like the debate about Ginger or Mary Ann from Gilligan’s
Island, because in "Quantum…", well, Gemma Arterton is the "normal" girl, and
she is Strawberry Fields, and she actually gets to sleep with James Bond. 
Sure, it leads to her striking oil, but that’s another story for the movie.

The Dude will let this James Bond movie go, just hoping the next installment
starts to develop James into the smooth, deboner, and if he has to kill a few
people along the way, well, he’s up for that, kind of secret agent.  In the
opposite of the words of Elvis, for The Dude on the Right, James Bond needs a
little less action and a little more conversation.