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The Truman Show
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Jim Carrey, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich, Natasche McElhone, Ed Harris, Holland Taylor
MPAA Rated: PG
Released By: Paramount Pictures
Kiddie Movie: There are no adult situations and Carrey forgoes his comedic slapstick. You make the call.
Date Movie: It's not a squishy movie, but sure.
Gratuitous Sex: No.
Gratuitous Violence: No.
Action: No.
Laughs: Some chuckles, and some really funny scenes.
Memorable Scene: The sailing tragedy scene where Truman dies?
Memorable Quote: None come to mind.
Directed By: Peter Weir
Produced By: Scott Rudin, Andrew Niccol, Edward S. Feldman, Adam Schroeder

The Truman Show
A Movie Review

MPAA Rated - PG

It's 1:42 Long

A Review by
Stu Gotz
Have you ever had one of those self-centered days where imagination takes over and you begin to think "Hmm… Maybe I'm a real important person and I just don't realize it… And all this stuff and all these people are here just for me? Ya know, I am the center of the universe! Oh shit… If that's true then everybody knows I'm a chronic masturbator." That's pretty much the premise of Jim Carrey's new movie "The Truman Show," well, all except for the masturbation stuff. That was just my a joke - I really don't.

Anyway, unbeknownst to Truman Burbank (Carrey) he was adopted at birth by a corporation whose idea it was to center a TV show around one person's life - kind of like MTV's "Real World" taken to an extreme. So all of Truman's life is a stage and everybody, worldwide, is watching and loving him. People are watching as Truman takes his first step, his birthdays, as high school love blooms, and as he steals his first kiss. Sounds intriguing and fun doesn't it? Well all is pretty much going well until the 30th year of production because that's when everything starts to unravel. Following several technical mishaps on the set of "The Truman Show," Truman begins to have most of those self-centered delusions I spoke of earlier. This plays into the audience's sympathy, and I found myself rooting for Truman, hoping he'll find his way to the real world. How does it end? Go see the movie.

So poor Truman is growing up with his life as a stage and he doesn't even know it. His parents are actors, his friends follow directions, his love interests are cast for the part, and if you think about it, it really is a cruel situation. And, well, it's that kind of emotion that the movie brings out. Now, as cliché as this will sound, combine that emotion with well written situations and supporting characters, I dare say I'm labeling "The Truman Show" my first must see movie of 1998. Being that it's only June, I think that says a lot.

Now, unlike "Forrest Gump," I wouldn't call "The Truman Show" the feel good movie of the year, but if you understand the concept, and the subtleties of the story, it is really an excellent, funny movie. However, on the funny side, if you're looking for Jim Carrey playing one half of Dumb, or a Pet Detective, this movie is far from it. In any case, sitting there in the theater I honestly never lost interest in the characters and what they were doing. All that being said I give "The Truman Show" 4 1/2 of 5 stars. It's a great film, 'Nuff said.


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