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Jerry Maguire
Movie Stats & Links

Starring: Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger, Rod Tidwell, Bonnie Hunt
MPAA Rated: R
Kiddie Movie: A little too adult for most plus there are some sex scenes.
Date Movie: Yes! Not too squishy and not too ballsy.
Gratuitous Sex: The movie starts with a sex scene but there is no nudity.
Gratuitous Violence: Jerry takes a strong left from his fiancé when he breaks up with her but that's about it.
Action: No car chases here.
Laughs: Moderate (no knee slappers).
Memorable Scene: Jerry's big kick in the ass when he finds out his star client has stabbed him in the back left an impression on me about just how dirty his business is and how low he must feel.
Memorable Quote: None really come to mind.
Directed By: Cameron Crowe

Jerry Maguire
A Movie Review

MPAA Rated - R

It's 2:19 Long

A Review by
Stu Gotz
If you don't mind, let me share some e-mail with you that I received from a friend:

path: ********:
subject: Just got back from the movies!!!

Dear Stu:

I just got back from seeing Jerry Maguire. What did you think? I thought the story was pretty average, but something about the movie just made me feel good inside. You know what a shitty year I've had. I could really relate to Tom Cruise in this move. Here was a guy at the top of his profession and then, WHAM! The rug gets pulled out from under him. As good as Tom may be at what he does he's still only so strong and can do so much. To get over the hump he needs more. He needs someone to make him whole. (You know what they say, behind every good man stands a woman) I think the love angle in this movie works. Does that stuff ever happen in real life? You know, the whole Prince Charming/Pretty Woman thing. Oh well, so what did you think of the movie? Talk to you soon. Call me!

PS Isn't the little kid the cutest?

The above message, though short and not in depth, is actually a nice summation of the movie and how I too felt about it.

Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is a fast-talking, well-dressed, yuppie sports agent of the stars. He's good at what he does and is well liked by his clients. He's also full of shit and this dawns upon him one day. In a fit of self-consciousness he writes a mission statement/memo/manifesto in which he calls for honesty, integrity, and a close personal touch in his industry. Though this does earn him the silent respect of many it also gets him a pink-slip.

So what do you do when your down and out. If you're Jerry Maguire you start up your own agency. Not only to pay your bills but to also say "fuck-off" to the boss that fired you. It's tough going alone especially when all your clients stay, except for two, with your old agency. That's OK… You can make a good start with just two right? Probably, but what do you do when you loose your star right before a major signing deal and fiancé on the same day? At this point I'd pretty much go postal. Fortunately for Jerry he has his very pretty secretary Dorothy (Renee Zellweger) to fall back on and help pick up the pieces. Renee does a great job portraying a single mother lovingly devoted to Jerry as her boss. Unfortunately for Dorothy, her heart is too big and she still believes in old fashion love (kids, fireplaces, walks, etc.) whereas Jerry has only know the yuppie style of love (Saabs, French dinners, faxes, etc.). Somehow though, they manage to keep one client and fall in love in the old fashion sense.

Jerry Maguire is a little more than just a "romantic comedy." It's also a "feel good" movie. The movie as a whole may lack a little substance and I doubt that the actors will be getting any Oscar nominations for their performances. As far as being "romantic comedy" it's not as smart as "When Harry Met Sally" nor is it a knee slapper. None the less it's an enjoyable move that will probably bring you up if you're feeling down. I give Jerry Maguire 3 stars out of 5.

I'm Stu Gotz.  'nuff said.


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