Camping Tales, Doggie Tails, Movie Talk, and a Governor Balks “So F*&# All of You!”

By: The Dude on the Right

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My wedding is getting closer, and Stu Gotz says he was wrong – Holy crap it’s another “Weekend Wrap-Up!” podcast!

Yup, my BFF and I actually registered at a store for our wedding, and I let Stu know that he won’t be able to buy us the cooler that looks like a fishing bobber, but he can buy us some dinnerware should he desire! Yup, it’s business marketing at it’s finest, this wedding stuff, and I’m immersed in it headstrong. Stu Gotz, meanwhile, wanted to stay headstrong on his growing distrust of 3-D movies, but having seen “Descpicable Me” in 2-D and liking it, he was actually bummed he didn’t spring for the 3-D version because he could actually envision how it might have been even better.

And in terms of movies, Stu also had no desire to see “Fantastic Mr. Fox” but saw it anyway on DVD, and he liked it, in fact the entire Gotz clan liked it, meanwhile, on my homestead, I enjoyed “Crazy Heart” but the BFF wanted to leave it in the Netlix mailbox.

And what would a podcast from Chicago be without some talk about Ex-Governor Rod Blagojovich? Well, we’ve got that, too, and he’s uncensored so cover your ears should you need to!

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That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!