Brokeback Mountain

MPAA Rated – R
It’s 2:14 Long
A Preview by:
The Dude on the Right

Brokeback Mountain
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Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway, Randy Quaid, Anna Faris
MPAA Rated: R
Released By: Focus Features
Release Date: 2005
Directed By: Ang Lee

Well, I’ll give Ang Lee credit for the varying projects he has chosen to direct. You may have heard about him around the “Sense and Sensibility” time, but for most folks, if I say he directed “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” you would say you saw or heard of that film. He also directed “Hulk,” so we know he’s sensible, crouching, huge, and now, well, he’s directing a film that is catching lots of buzz because, first, it’s supposed to be a great movie, and second, it’s about two cowboys who, as one of the IMDB synopsis’ puts it, unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection. That’s the politically correct version to say that it’s the 1960’s and they are gay. The trailer shows this fact, why can’t they just say it?

Anyway, the movie is set at a time when being homosexual isn’t really a lifestyle you can tell your friends and neighbors about, so our two dudes, Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ennis (Heath Ledger) go about keeping their true love secret while living the lives of hetero’s.

Visually the movie looks great, and I’m sure some will have problems with the story subject, but in any case, this is sure to create buzz both because of it being a great movie, but also because of the topic. You’ll have to make it your own call if you want to see this one.

That’s it for this preview! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!