Have You Ever Been “Cuckoo” from Alcohol?

Judge Judy is so wise. This morning she was hearing the case of two young ladies, Girl A who was suing Girl B because Girl B had her charged with assault. Yup, Girl B was drunk and accused Girl A of cheating with her fiancĂ©. Girl A was not drunk, Girl B attacked Girl A, there was slippage, a bottle, and blood. Also, as the original case was thrown out of court, Girl B was countersuing Girl A for the assault and her hospital bills. As this is a Judge Judy episode, you can count on one of the participants being ill-prepared for Her Judgeness, as was Girl B, utilizing a picture on her flip, cell phone to try to support her case, but the judge would have none of this. Also enter Girl B’s mother, trying to support her daughter, but it’s never good when the Judge says your daughter has a drinking problem and was “Cuckoo from alcohol.”

Well, Judge Judy would have none of Girl B’s complaining and awarded Girl A $2,500 pretty much because Girl B was drunk. I remember most of my college days, and there was a little drinking involved, but “cuckoo”-ness, well, my lips remain sealed, and I was never on Judge Judy to have her tell me so. I do wonder, however, and so I plight: Have you ever been “cuckoo” from alcohol?

That’s it for this plight! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!