Your T.V. Shows are Lost for now, but at Least Gay Marriage isn’t an Issue Anymore, yet..


The Dude on the Right

Today was another win for a group of folks, but for most of the rest of us, it
was a loss, because, well, we didn’t make the call, write the letter, send the
e-mail, to our elected officials, and that is unless, of course, you want your
primetime TV to not reflect 2006.  And I, like you, you can blame me,
because I did have a nice letter to my Senator,
Barack Obama, opposing
this thing, but I didn’t realize this thing already went through and I never
sent it.


let’s get to the win
because it’s an easier argument.  It’s an election
year for a batch of government folks, and what better way to gain some votes in
your conservative state than to support an amendment to our United States
Constitution that would state "marriage" is only a union between a man and a
woman.  Well, those supporting this amendment got their platform, but the
Senate rejected the proposed amendment, so right now you won’t see it on your
ballot.  This one was easy for most folks on both sides because they know
where their votes are coming from, and it lends to easy election ads.

Now the
messed up vote, affecting a huge majority of us.  Today the House of
Representatives voted to

raise the fine for obscene or indecent programming
on your TV screen or your
radio to $325,000 from $32,500.  I don’t know what the infatuation is with
the 325 number is, but in any case, if you don’t think this will affect you,
just wait until you start watching your prime-time shows on the major networks,
those being CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and the new CW, or listening to your radio. 
No one in network land really knows how they can relate to the real world
anymore, because there aren’t any defined rules, and the FCC isn’t helping. 
A little while back some ABC folks asked the FCC if airing the uncut version of
"Saving Private Ryan," complete with swear words (fuck and shit being the most
of them), was going to get them fined.  The FCC folks told them, I think,
something like "we can’t determine what is finable until we get complaints." 
Most of you don’t realize that right now, 5, that’s right, five, people, are
given the power to decide what is obscene, indecent, and they are going to fine
your ass because they, the 5, five, that’s right, five fucking people, over this
entire United States, have the authority to decide, what you, me, your friends,
my friends, and their friends, should be able to see on TV or listen to on

You can complain, bitch, and moan because your shows aren’t edgy
anymore, but you know what?  – It is yours and my fault.  Why? 
Because we didn’t send mention to our elected people that pretty much says the
FCC folks shouldn’t have "Indecency/Obscenity" authority.  A small number
of folks are working to take away our freedoms, and those freedoms might be gay
rights, or your right to watch TV that reflects society today, but if we don’t
work to be a voice, tomorrow might let us lose our voice.  Those on the
side of restricting free speech are gaining ground, and those on the side of
free speech are losing it.  If you don’t think so, wait until the small
number start pushing the agenda of censoring things on cable and satellite TV
(i.e. The Sopranos), or on satellite radio (i.e. Howard Stern and Opie and
Anthony).  I can give a bunch of Benjamin Franklin quotes, but right now
this one seems most appropriate:  "They that can give up essential liberty
to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty or safety."

Right now I can’t really complain, but just worry, because I’ve become
accustomed to a lot of cable TV channels and satellite radio, so FCC regulations
aren’t there.  And if they do get there, we have really crossed a wrong
line.  A small group has been influencing our TV and radio listening, I
suppose I just wonder if the real groups will get off their asses and make as
much noise.

Sorry for this this sort of controversial blog, but these two
things really hit me today.  Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!