Two Dilemmas and Some New Movie Reviews.


The Dude on the Right

I have two dilemmas I am dealing with right now, both of which I hope to
remember to discuss with
during our "Weekend Wrap-Up" podcast tomorrow.  Well, one I will
definitely discuss with him, and that simply has to do with having a podcast
that really isn’t for the kids.  No, we aren’t going to have any strippers
or porn stars in the studio discussing perverted sex acts or how they were
molested as children, although Stu would probably welcome that.  Nope, I’ll
leave that to the kings of those who do that.  In any case I heard a new
song on the radio this weekend.  Nope, it wasn’t on an FM nor an AM
station, it was on satellite radio,
Sirius as a matter of fact,
and it’s a pretty blunt song about Connecticut.  The thing is I laughed my
ass off during the song, and I’d like to play some clips for Stu, as well as
some clips from some of the band’s other songs.  I’m not sure if I want to
go there, namely risqué songs, but I think Stu will appreciate the songs, for
the campy feel they are worth.

My other dilemma has to do with movie theater
loyalty.  I don’t think Stu has this issue, but for the past many years I
have been a steady patron of our
AMC theater sort of
near my dude-pad.  It was a little further away than some of my other local
theaters, but it was the only one with stadium seating, had a huge variety of
times movies would be playing, had great online ticketing that didn’t charge you
anything if you were a
member, and even gave you free stuff (popcorn, sody-pop, and
movies) and other bonuses if you were also a said member of said MovieWatcher
program.  But another movie theater has opened, much closer to me, and at
slightly cheaper prices.  The problem I have is they don’t have free online
ticketing, the movie screen isn’t as enveloping, and as far as I know, no free
stuff for patronizing them.  The benefit is that the seats are a little
more comfortable and bouncy, and they stock

.  I suppose I might have to do a statistical analysis of the
pros and cons of both theaters, but man, the five minute travel time versus the
20 minute travel time is a huge issue, although without that travel time, I
wouldn’t have heard said song I eluded to in my first paragraph of this plight
had I gone to the closer theater on Saturday.  Who knew going to the movies
could be so complicated?

On the simpler of things, I did catch "Nacho
" and "The
Lake House
" this weekend.  I’ll talk to Stu about them as well, but
feel free to read the reviews in the meantime.  There’s a few more movie
previews posted, with a few more to come in the next couple of days, and then
finally I should be all caught up in getting my movie previews done.  My
next step is to get back to some concert reviewing, some CD reviewing I’ve been
promising for awhile, and even some DVD’s.  My summer is looking very busy,
and hopefully very fun.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!