The Wreath Bow Conundrum

Where Should the Bow Go on a Wreath?

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With Christmas season upon us, the decorations sprouting on houses that will annoy one and all when they aren’t taken down in a timely manner, and shopping in full force, there is one question that will be the toughest to answer, and that question is not what you should get your loved one so they won’t be disappointed, again, this year with your “thoughtful” gift that you picked up on Christmas Eve? No, the question will simply be, as you go to hang your Christmas wreath, should the bow go on the top or the bottom?

Mind you there will be times this decision will be made for you, depending on if the wreath was constructed in a manner that the answer is obvious by the creation of the bow, but there may come a time, as was for me last year, when I couldn’t really tell because quite frankly the bow could have been positioned either way. There wasn’t a designated hook to make the decision for me, the bow could have been manipulated to hang properly from either location, and I admit that I hung the wreath with the bow both at the top and the bottom and couldn’t really tell which was better. In the end I opted for the bow being on the bottom yet every time I looked at the door I wondered, “Would that wreath look better with the bow on the top?”

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Christmas is challenging enough without this dilemma being answered for us, and a word of warning as you are shopping for your wreath, you might want to decide if you are a bow-top or bow-bottom kind of wreath person because, if you purchase said wreath, and that bow is not how you believe it should be positioned, you will be tormented every time you come home, look at your door, and your Christmas season of joy will be ruined again as you exclaim, “Dammit, that bow should be on the top!”, or vice versa.

So, to help with your holiday decorating, I’m going to ask and wonder now: Should the bow on a wreath go on the top or bottom? Make note of your answer so that as you are picking out that wreath for your door, window, or side of the house, you will not make the mistake of getting the wrong variation and completely ruining your Christmas joy.

That’s it for this one! L8R!!