The World Series and Why Can’t They Just Get the Anthem Folks to Sing


The Dude on the Right

This is my last

, at least for this year until next year when it’s the Chicago Cubs’
turn (yea, right, like that’s gonna happen), on the super-duper, most-fabulous,
unbelievable, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, World Series that just went
down between the Chicago White Sox and the Houston Astros.  It was a great
series, except for the singing, and maybe it’s just my opinion, but I don’t
think that the Major League Baseballs, the NBA’s, the NFL’s, or even the hockey
folks, understand that we don’t really need to have someone famous singing the
National Anthem, just someone who can sing it well, or at least just enjoying it
(like a kids choir), at least at the playoff/finals time.  Most singers
can’t sing the Anthem, and we are constantly reminded of this, during these
championship games, so why can’t the league folks just grab the people who can
do a great job, and plug them in.  My favorite is the dude who does the
Cubs’ games,

Wayne Messmer
.  For baseball all I ask is a couple of things: 
Drop the singing of "America the Beautiful" at the

7th Inning Stretch
and go back to either "Take
Me Out to the Ballgame
" or a local favorite for the team, like the Houston
fans singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas."  Let the famous person butcher
these songs, at least we can have a laugh, as we, in Chicago, always laugh at
Mike Ditka singing at the Cubs game.  This is almost turning into a blog
rather than a podcast, but click on the podcast link and listen to it, because
my favorite World Series audio is from a news broadcast after game 4.  As
much as I make fun, I’d probably be doing the same, but it’s pretty funny, at
least for me.

As always, I welcome your comments.

That’s it for this one!  I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!

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