The Cubs Still Suck, but Is It “Lets” or “Let’s”?


The Dude on the Right

Another year. Another Cubs’ Home Opener. Another day of crappy weather.

Alright, fine, in the history of Home Openers, today’s weather wasn’t that
crappy, but a couple of rain delays didn’t help the mood, again working to
convince me that I need to stop going to Opening Day for the Chicago Cubs, that
is, until next year.  And even though my Mondays are usually set aside for
podcasts, I’m not in the mood to talk mostly because I will probably do bad
things like pronounce Fukudome wrong, or get into a tirade about the help a
member of the County Sheriff’s department gets when his car overheats (fine,
maybe it was on fire, but from the vapor escaping under the hood at the time it
didn’t look like a fire, but it was enough to warrant two State troopers, a
Chicago roller closing an entrance ramp, a couple of IDOT trucks, and an
emergency vehicle, all of which caused a traffic delay that caused me to have to
risk my car in a lot near Wrigley Field, paying more to park than for my ticket,
and I better get off of this subject right now before I really get myself in
trouble.  See, I don’t need to talk to get into a tirade!).

So today I’m not podcasting, I’m actually writing about how my horoscope was
sort of correct, when, as I read it this morning it stated: 
"Something weird will catch your eye today. You will find yourself attracted to
this weird thing like a magnet is attracted to a refrigerator door."  The
surprising thing is that there wasn’t one thing weird (at least in my eyes),
catching my eyes today, but rather two.

One is simple, and it occurred with where we were sitting, but quickly I
noticed three dudettes paying attention to the game and filling in their
scorecards, and I think what surprised me most was that these dudettes weren’t
tween girls being taught how to pay attention to baseball by their fathers, and
they weren’t blue-haired dudettes, carefully paying attention to every play. 
Nope, these dudettes were college-age (at least I’m assuming because they looked
like college girls, and were drinking beer), and they seemed to want to make
sure their scorecards were filled in properly, especially the one sitting behind
us, who got slightly confused when the Milwaukee Brewers had their pitcher bat
in the 8th spot, and conferred with my buddy, The Dude on the Left, for the
correct scoring of the inning.  Baseball chicks, old style.  Gotta
love it!

The other weird thing that really caught my eye, and had me obsessing about
it, was that today there was the unveiling of the Ernie Banks’ statue outside of
Wrigley Field, and as I saw the presentation on the TV at Sluggers, there,
engraved on the side of the base of the statue, was the saying "Lets play two." 
I didn’t see an apostrophe and then I  began obsessing on if it should be
"Lets" or "Let’s," and wondering if maybe I just missed seeing the apostrophe. 
So, after the game, while we were walking around the ballpark and in front of the
statue, I made the effort to confirm what I saw, and engraved on the statue base
was "Lets play two," at least I think so, unless I was hallucinating.  Now
I am obsessed if "Lets" should be "Let’s," or "Lets" is okay as "Lets."  My
damn horoscope was right.

And on a third note, other than Fukudome hitting that three-run homer to tie
the game, the other most entertaining part about the game was watching the
ground’s crew, their attempt at rolling up the tarp after the second rain-delay
(it was very funny to watch, and I think they might need a little more Spring
training), and their creating what looked like Egyptian hieroglyphics on the
dirt in the infield.  Both The Dude on the Left and I think their has to
be a more efficient way to accomplish what they attempted to do, and could be
done complete with maybe some sponsoring from a company like ChemLawn.

Another Chicago Cubs home opener.  Another loss.  At least it
didn’t snow.  And who are these baseball scorecard keeping dudettes? 
It’s another year of baseball!  Let’s play two!  Or should that be
"Lets play two!"  Who cares, it just means Spring is hear, at least sort

That’s it for this one! 
I’m The Dude on the Right!!  L8R!!!