Do You Buy Any Music on CD Anymore?

Do you buy any music on CD anymore?

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The other day I get an email from one of my favorite music folks, Michael Stanley. Alright, it was technically from the record company releasing his music, Line Level, and it was announcing that Michael Stanley had a new CD coming out called “The Job,” and that I should get it now!

Sweet! Or so I thought.

I go to the link, and sure they have some mail order options to pay them money, and they’ll send me a CD, but I’m there looking for a link to iTunes, or at least Amazon, because, like the kids, I don’t have time to wait for new music, let alone want the trouble of paying online and waiting for a CD to arrive in my mailbox that the mailman might damage. No, I want my new Michael Stanley now!

Okay, no link. I’ll head directly to the sources. iTunes. Nope, no listing. Amazon. There it is! Wait, it references a CD available, but on a release date of May 6th?

Jumping over to the Michael Stanley message board there are people who seem to have gotten the CD, so right now it looks like the old-fashioned way is the only option of getting a new music fix, or trying to find someplace to download it illegally.

Now I’m sure there is some metric about the profitability of selling the CD yourself, via mail order, before releasing it on the digital platforms, and some folks still won’t put things out there on the digital realm (Garth Brooks – please, for the love of all things big and small, let me pay you more money to get clean, digital copies of your music), but alas, it looks like if I want to actually download some new Michael Stanley, it’s going to be a while.

It’s weird, because as the computer life is changing, and laptops aren’t coming with DVD slots anymore, let alone people who live by the tablet and smartphone only, it seems limiting to release things on CD only anymore. I know “The Job” will be on iTunes eventually because his other release have ended up there, I just hope Michael sends me an email letting me know so his new CD doesn’t become an afterthought. In the meantime, if he wants to send me one to review, I’ll be happy to listen to it in the car, I suppose, since that’s the only place I really have a CD player anymore.

Okay, this wonder was a little lengthy to get to it, but I wonder: Do you buy any music on CD anymore?

That’s it for this one! L8R!!!