Bon Jovi says: “Who Says You Can’t Go Home.” I Went Home.


The Dude on the Right

Bon Jovi sometimes has some
of the best words of wisdom.  Fine, sometimes those words might be sort of
cliché, but who can’t appreciate the advice of "I’ll
Sleep When I’m Dead
."  It’s a simple phrase, and I’ve used it many a
time, mostly when I was drunk, at four in the morning, when people are telling
me I should just go back to my room and go to sleep.  I’d tell them "I’ll
sleep when I’m dead," give them about five minutes of my whit and humor, and
then at about 4:05, well, I’m heading to my room to go to sleep.  Ahhh,
those college days!  Anyway, this time I took the advice of their latest
hit, the one getting airplay on the country side of things with the very cute
Jennifer Nettles
from "Sugarland,"
namely the song "Who
Says You Can’t Go Home
," because, well, this past weekend, I went home. 
Yup, it was off to the old country to visit my parents for
weekend, you know, the weekend where we celebrate everything about bunny rabbits
that we can think of.  We celebrate them as chocolate, we celebrate their
eggs (even though they are mammals), we celebrate them as blow-up dolls, and we
celebrate them in pastel colors.  And don’t forget the "Peep,"
which is really cool when you toss it in the microwave.  Now I hear that
some religious folks are upset because we are taking, umm, the "East" out of
"Easter."  Man, that doesn’t work nearly as easily as taking the "Christ"
out of "Christmas," but in any case, they are upset that various communities are
turning "Easter" celebrations into "Spring" celebrations.  Man, I hate to
get off on a tangent, but for the most part, because, well, Christians are still
the majority in this country, and well, they adopted the "Easter Bunny," that’s
why Christians are in this predicament.  But the United States is a melting
pot, and we keep melting together more and more, and damn, I’ve got to get off
of this tangent because it won’t make anyone happy because this Blog was
supposed to be about my going home.  Let’s get back to that.

The Most Comfortable Toilet.

Anyway, for
this blog, I originally had planned on doing it yesterday, taking some fun
photos that would embarrass me about being home, pictures of things like the xxx
that I was staying in, my xxx collection, our xxx on the wall, our xxx in xxx,
and xxx School where I went to in my teens that is now closed.  Then, of
course, there would be the pictures of what I think is the most comfortable xxx,

 my xxx from when I played xxx, and a xxx that I wish was bigger when I was
younger.  Sadly, for this trip, the battery in my digital camera died, so
all of those "xxx"’s will just have to wait until maybe the next trip home.

So, I went home, and all in all, it was a good time.  I trimmed some
raspberry plants, trimmed some roses, made homemade horseradish, saw "Scary
Movie 4" (our video podcast review should hopefully be done by the end of this
week here and on 

did some puzzle making, and had a few slices of the best pumpkin pie in the
world.  Bon Jovi says "Who Says You Can’t Got Home," but it was just good
to be home.

Spring is here, I’m gearing up for summer, and I hope you had a
nice weekend, whether it be about bunnies, yarmulkes, a Resurrection, or just
about getting good deals at the store because of a Christian religion.  But
just don’t forget about Bon Jovi, because for most of us, you can go home.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!