Blogging From an Airplane, and Watching an R-Rated Movie on a Plane.


The Dude on the Right

Here I am, some probably 25,000 to 32,000 feet up in the air, in a tube being
held up by a whole bunch of stuff I learned in college (something about airfoils
and jet propulsion), on my way to Houston for my favorite niece’s birthday. I
just got done watching last Monday’s episode of “Heroes” titled “Godsend,”
thanks to iTunes. Since I screwed up my TiVo Season Pass (how the hell did “Two
and a Half Men” get ahead of “Heroes”?) I was able to give Apple and NBC a
couple of bucks by downloading the episode yesterday as part of my pre-trip
planning. I also typed a couple of movie previews, and since I’m just killing a
little more time because someone already did the crossword puzzle in the
American Way magazine, I figured I would type this blog, which if things go as
planned, I can post tonight. Obviously, if you are reading this, things went as

Weird how things sometime turn out when you are flying, though, because at
first there was no one sitting in the seat in front of me, then these two girls
seat-jumped (worrying me that the one now in front would put her seat back), and
then the dude who actually was assigned that seat showed up. He nicely let her
stay in his seat, instead taking the aisle. He then proceeded to slur his words
a bit (by his own admission he was at the airport bar and almost missed the
flight), explaining to her that country music in San Antonio is a lot different
than country music in Chicago, and she nicely dealt with conversation. As my
luck would have it, the dudette decided to spend the flight staring out the
window, with her seat in the upright position, while drunk dude proceeded to put
his seat as far back as possible, and probably drool a little while he napped.
Two empty seats next to me, someone in front who didn’t put their seat back, and
a nice take off and safe landing. That’s about all I ask for in a plane flight.

Anyway, I should probably start to wrap-up this quick little blog entry,
which is really just a test of seeing if I have my laptop set-up to remotely get
my blog updated, thanks to the free internet access at the hotel I am staying.
Sadly it doesn’t look like internet access on the airlines will be happening
soon, but then again, maybe it’s a good thing because the people in back of you
could peak through the seat and see that you are looking at internet porn. Which
does lead me to an interesting dilemma because since I watched “Heroes” on the
way down to Houston, I brought a couple of DVD’s to watch on the trip back to
The Windy City, one being “Thank You for Smoking” and the other being “Artie
Lange’s Beer League.” The dilemma part: They both are rated “R” and they both
contain nudity. Hopefully on the flight back there won’t be anyone sitting
behind me to wonder what kind of pervert watches that kind of stuff on a plane,
or maybe, better yet, a hot dudette will be sitting behind me, moving to the
seat next to me because she is interested in the kind of pervert that would
watch that kind of stuff on a plane. But that’s a story for a later blog.

That’s it for this one! I’m The Dude on the Right!! L8R!!!